What's the Funniest Thing You've Heard in a Call Center

Smiley FacePeople say the darnedest things, don't they? I'm sure every call center agent has a list a mile long of funny things they've heard on the job. I absolutely love hearing these stories, so we posted a query on Facebook and Twitter asking for people to submit the zingers they've heard. They were all so fabulous, I thought it only fair to share them here:

  • Community Information Line - Caller said his 1000 pound pig was loose, and wondered if we had received a call saying someone found a pig...
  • Doing Laser printer support, I had a customer printing menu's on tortillas...
  • I have a blog post with some of our most interesting Call Center Questions (about DNA testing)
  • Asking a customer how their name appears on the credit card, they told me: "Bold Letters."

I also have a few oldies but goodies from my days on the phones (at a furniture store):

  • I’m sorry sir, it looks like your backordered merchandise won’t be in until January 15. No, sir, I don’t know the best way to tell your children there is no Santa Claus.
  • Yes, ma’am. All of our furniture is new. No, I’m not sure why someone else’s underwear is in the top drawer of your new dresser.

Please keep them coming! Comment with your hilarious stories below. Who knows? They might make their way into a future post.