Why Do You Need Speech Analytics

More companies are taking the plunge into speech analytics to help enhance the quality management processes. It is one thing to be capturing data, but it is important take action regarding that data. Speech analytics allows you to understand the WHY in your contact center.

  • Why is your customer calling?
  • Why are they concerned?
  • Why are they happy or unhappy with your services?

Software companies are tasked with offering solutions that remain affordable, but still add the amount of muscle businesses are looking for. Every business is different but there are some key messages that you should understand about what speech analytics can do for your contact center.

  1. Expand your sampling without expanding your resources. The standard sample of transactions monitored in a contact center is less than 1%. That means strategic decisions are made based on less than 1% of a complete picture. Speech analytics give contact centers the ability to categorize all recorded transactions. At a glance you know what types of calls you are receiving. Management no longer has to rely on a 1% sample to try and quantify the types of calls they are receiving, because you will know with speech analytics.
  2. Understand why customers are calling. As I mentioned earlier, categories can help contact centers identify why customers are calling. An understanding of the types of calls coming in will allow management to create training and best practices for customer handling. This will help you improve the customer experience.
  3. Focus your resources on what matters. In random monitoring, you may or may not be sampling the biggest drivers of your business. With speech analytics, management can tailor monitoring sample sizes to ensure the categories important and relevant to your business are receiving the proper amount of attention.
  4. Build better hiring profiles based on customer needs. Understanding the behaviors and traits for successful agents can be a challenge. Speech analytics offers insight by call category so the recruiting department can easily review calls relevant to their hiring needs and create profiles for success.
  5. Improve your general business processes. The purpose of quality management in contact centers is to drive changes in behavior, which will have a positive impact on business. Speech analytics provides another layer of intelligence to drive changes in training, recruiting, monitoring, coaching, and work force management.

Speech analytics have the power to enhance your contact center. Soon, this trend will become a necessity.