Win the Customer Experience (CX) Game in Your Contact Center

We are moving from a service economy to an experience economy. Today’s customers are not just looking to get the right service at the right time at the right channel. They are looking for an experience that is immersive, engaging and proactive. We are already seeing companies leverage customer experience (CX) as the key tool to win the experience economy, far beyond price and product. With exceptional CX, customers stay longer with the brand, buy more and bring more customers via word of mouth, all resulting in a direct revenue uplift. On the contrary, bad experience leads to churn, a direct revenue loss. It is time for all organizations to knock it out of the park when it comes to experience. Are you ready for this customer experience (CX) transformation?

Here are the 4 simple steps for transforming your CX to win:

Build a business case to invest in contact centers

Contact centers are the powerhouse that deliver exceptional and consistent CX every time, every day. Today’s contact center executives have a larger role to play in driving revenue and market share, not just driving margin. Start building your business case on investing in contact centers.

Plan for continuous and incremental CX improvements

Making a CX transformation is not a big bang approach, it is iterative and incremental. Start the transformation in steps, using a maturity model and a well-defined playbook to move you, one-step at a time. Hone your CX swing as you move and see it move the needle in your business.

Orchestrate right within the contact center

Delivering exceptional CX involves aligning key aspects of the contact center—agents, customers and real-time operations. Understand the people, process and technology aspects as it relates to managing every element independently as well as collectively and orchestrate it well to drive an immersive CX for every customer.

Building for the future

Look ahead and build for the future with an open, extensible and scalable cloud native platform. It drives real time agility for operations teams, innovation for IT and better economics for your Finance teams. Call the plays you need, when you need them with a unified platform. Take the pieces, build them as you wish. Reinvent CX!

Transforming your CX requires an all-star performance from your contact center’s people, processes and technology.  Step up to the plate and join me in our targeted CX Grand Slam Webinar Series for hard-hitting insights and winning strategies for consistently exceptional customer experiences and winning in the experience economy.