With CXone Fossil Group Unifies Contact Centers Raises Performance

Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, Fossil Group is an American fashion designer and manufacturer of distinctive watches, wallets, handbags, accessories, and wearables for a variety proprietary and licensed brands.

Its 17 contact centers located around the world support the Fossil Group business, including 250 call center agents who support over 10 languages. Three third-party call centers take calls during off hours and busy holiday seasons.

Before adopting NICE inContact CXone, Fossil Group’s contact centers were using different call center software solutions, which made it challenging to understand exactly how the company was performing as a whole.

The previous call center softwware systems — 2Ring for its contact center system, Cisco for reporting, and Aspect for workforce management — didn’t talk to each other at all. Reporting — a critical tool for the company — was difficult and time-consuming and required manually piecing together data from the company’s contact center systems in North America, Europe, and Asia.

With CXone, however, Fossil Group finally was able to view all its performance data on one unified platform. This not only saved huge amounts of time that could be repurposed to more productive activities but also boosted customer satisfaction: Fossil Group is delivering a consistent, outstanding customer experience across the globe.

CXone call center software also has impacted the company in a variety of other ways, improving training, coaching, forecasting, agent engagement, and more. Hands down, CXone has been a real game changer for Fossil Group stakeholders: supervisors and agents as well as customers.

Case in point: By automating forecasting and scheduling with Workforce Management Enterprise, supervisors ceasily and efficiently can forecast call volumes and create accurate schedules. They also create weekly dashboards that include all key metrics to give agents constant visibility into their own performances.

The results: call center agents who are empowered, more engaged, and more productive.