Wondering How to Solve your Contact Center Challenges Hear from the Experts (Your Colleagues)

When we started talking about hosting the “Problem Solved Tour” at inContact, the upcoming, 14-city road show in the United States, we had high hopes that our customers would want to share their stories about how they faced down contact center challenges. And, we hoped they’d be willing to share these stories with their peers and colleagues. We found customers that were not only willing, but that their stories encapsulate remarkable success. We thought we’d kick off the tour close to home, in Salt Lake City on March 16, and have a great line-up planned.

When I first spoke to Brandon Russell, Call Center Director at CLEARLINK, I was immediately struck by his absolute belief that working in a call center could fun, motivating and engaging. Yes, you read that correctly, fun. With hiring practices designed to hire the “best and the brightest,” engaging training, incentive and retention programs and a dedication to community involvement, CLEARLINK takes its culture seriously, minus the typical gray cubicles some might envision on a typical call center. Brandon will share CLEARLINK’s secrets for success in his presentation, “Five Ways to Transform Your Call Center Culture.”

Ever wonder how to keep your employees engaged? What if they are almost all volunteers who work from home? Arthur Nettleship, Workforce Manager Patron Services at FamilySearch will share his tips that keep his organization humming along, despite a volunteer-based, geographically dispersed workforce in his presentation, “Driving Results with Volunteer Work-at-Home Agents.”

VacationRoost has inspired me to start planning the vacation of my dreams. But, how do they effectively follow up on hundreds and thousands of inquiries while giving each and every potential client their own personal travel agent? Shaun Sanislo, Sales Manager at VacationRoost, will talk about his team effectively doubled their close ratios and improved customer satisfaction in his presentation, “Tips to Improve Close Ratios in Your Contact Center.”

Lastly and certainly not least, we at inContact consistently hear that contact centers need to ensure each agent and customer interaction is consistent. And, how do you ensure the folks “in the trenches” receive the same information as their client-facing colleagues? Joel Smith, CIO at PlusOne Company, will share his team’s best practices in his presentation, “Bridging the Gap Between Agents and Clients.”

Just in case you’re thinking this is all a medley of PowerPoints, we’ll have an extensive interactive Q&A session and breakouts that will let you take a deeper dive into particular subjects. You’ll be able to take back practical tips that you can implement in your contact center immediately.

You can register today for the Salt Lake City “Problem Solved” tour here. Next up after Salt Lake City will be a stop in Atlanta on March 23, which also has a tremendous lineup of customers. We’ll be stopping in 12 additional cities in the coming months, so there will be a tour coming your way soon. If you have a suggestion for a city, an idea for a topic, or if you’d like to be a presenter, please contact me at michelle.burrows@incontact.com.