Yes Virginia There Will Even Be a Robot

I’ve only been with inContact since November so I’m still adjusting to the absolute enthusiasm our customers have for us.

Since I’m in marketing, I'm often in search of customers who want to extol the virtues of inContact’s contact center solutions (happily, they're easy to find). However, we’ve made a real effort with our Problem Solved road tours to focus squarely on our customer’s success with a particular call center challenge and/or best practice. In other words, I guarantee you that you won’t hear a sales pitch. Or hear a group of ‘advertorials’ from our customers. Your next chance to hear real-world examples of best practices is at our New York City road show on May 25.

What you will hear are tips that you can immediately implement in your call center, such as:

  • Ed Hoyer from Konica Minolta will let you know how you can more effectively manage geographically disparate contact centers and ensure consistent customer service across time zones.
  • Mike Ryan from Fused Solutions will offer tips for moving your entire business to the cloud.
  • Michael Strobel from Recyclebank will show you how you can shift to an at-home agent model and offer tips for keeping out-of-office employees connected.
  • Mauricio Vicente from Language Services Associates will explain how moving to the cloud enabled his company to dramatically improve new product development. And, he’s bringing along the proof – a real, live robot about the size of R2D2 from Star Wars.

When is the last time you attended a half-day meeting that offered more contact center tips than you could get in a year of research? And, when was the last time you went to a meeting that also offered a real robot? Join us in New York on May 25.