You Have Questions We Have Answers

One of my favorite parts of the Problem Solved tour stops is the breakout sessions we have in each city. We typically select breakout session topics that center around common challenges in call centers today, and let the attendees select the breakout group most relevant to their call center needs. The discussion is always fantastic, and not only do we see a lot of people finding solutions to their questions, but we also see significant networking among like-minded call center executives.

We at inContact want to ensure that everyone's questions are answered from the road shows. Here’s a question that one of our attendees had after the Problem Solved Seattle Roadshow- “How does inContact maintain data security and avoid hacking risks?” Henry St. Andre, Trust Office Director at inContact answered: “It depends on if it’s defense in depth or layered security. But these are some of the current customer protections we offer:

  1. Proper rules and filters on routers and firewalls.
  2. Intrusion  detection systems or IDS – manned and monitored 24 x 7
  3. Secure coding practices
  4. Regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing
  5. Encryption of data in transit and when storing sensitive data
  6. Anti-virus and patch management
  7. Security awareness training
  8. Assignment of appropriate permissions and restricting access to the production environment

If there are any other questions you might have concerning inContact or your own call center problems, join us at a city near you!! We'll be in Kansas City on August 17, and have many more cities coming up in 2011.