Your Internet Services Are Only as Healthy as the Internet Itself

If you use myAgent, inTouch or inControl, you will need to connect to inContact via the Internet.  To function properly, those clients will need to establish an Internet connection from your computer to the inContact platform.  Although the bandwidth needed to support those connections is not large, and the connection is robust, it is still essential to have a reliable Internet service provider.   

Ensuring reliable internet services and having operational monitoring is a function of your design.    Even if your network and your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) are fine, there may still be disruptions out in the ‘Ether’ of the Internet that can cause problems.   One way to gain visibility to problems on the Internet between the various Tier 1 ISPs is to use a web page called the Internet Health Report.  This is a free, publicly available service that measures and reports on the health of connections between the various Tier 1 ISPs.  It reports on latency, packet loss and availability.    This is a great little report which can be displayed in your own NOC or on a monitor with your IT Help Desk.  It won’t stop the Internet from having an occasional bump or event now and then, but it may provide the visibility to a problem that allows you to correctly diagnose Internet problems that could impact your inContact services or even other Internet dependent services that your company relies on.

Our goal at inContact is to provide the best SaaS services possible.  As your partner in your telecommunication network we are always on the job to ensure the best services available and as part of that effort, we want to help you build the best network and management possible.  The Internet Health Report is one more tool that can help you to be successful.

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