Your Mom and Dad Were Right

I am the father of four children, all grown now and out there trying to figure out how to make it in the world.  As a parent, I counseled my children on the importance of personal integrity and the company they kept. I taught them that being an honest, good person was more important than being rich, integrity being more important to happiness than wealth.  I happen to believe that integrity in conjunction with effort and desire will produce wealth, the two are not mutually exclusive.  I also counseled them to choose friends with the same values and standards.  Not only will their friends' standards reflect negatively on them, but they will have a tendency to develop the same standards and habits of their friends.

I believe that the same counsel applies to work and business.  The integrity with which inContact conducts its business is important and as your partner (or friend), inContact's standards are equally important. Businesses that elect to use a SaaS model know that the Saas partner they select reflects on them.  That being the case, they need to know that their chosen SaaS partner is planning for the future while taking care of business today.  Operational considerations need to include robust, scalable systems to provide high availability and protect customer data.  Products have to serve existing needs and also provide the ability to create brand new services tomorrow.  inContact's technical skills and infrastructure become our customer's technical skills and infrastructure.  InContact's regulatory compliance efforts affect our customer's regulatory compliance efforts.  The degree to which inContact does what it says, and says what it is going to do affects how well our customers can effect their own plans and strategy.

Today, the inContact Trust Office is engaged in an analysis of the security questions as well as operational and regulatory requirements that are being brought to inContact.  The Trust Office has a mission to improve the transparency around that material.  If the Trust Office believes inContact can do a better job supporting our customers in these areas, it will work within the organization to develop the actions to produce that improvement. 

To close, I want to relate the story of the gazelle and the lion. In the morning, when the sun comes up, the gazelle is running, because it knows that if it is not running, it will become some lion's breakfast. In the morning, when the sun comes up, the lion is running, because it knows that it will have to be running if it wants to eat breakfast.  The moral to the story is this – whether you are a gazelle or a lion, when the sun comes up – you had better be running.  

Whether you are a lion or gazelle, inContact is here to help you run faster.