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SAP Goes on Offensive with SaaS

SAP is a skeptic. "SaaS offerings don't measure up in weaving together complex business processes that have to be managed and analyzed in real time, and SaaS vendors will have a tough time living up to customer's expectations. You're now seeing software as a service pure plays being driven into complex conversations that they're lousy at." They...

New Connectivity Blog

My name is Mike Perry, I am employed by inContact Inc. as their VP or Network Planning and Telecom Products. In a nutshell, I am in charge of Capacity Planning/Management for all production systems, networks and application platforms that make up inContact's core products including the Telecom Network, IP Network, inContact Clusters, Echo, WFM, and eLearning/eHiring....

What is Cloud Computing

Over the past few weeks I have been asked to provide some commentary on what cloud computing is and how SaaS plays a role in cloud computing. Well, let me take a few minutes and offer some thoughts on this topic For a definition, lets start here: Cloud computing is the combination of hardware and network infrastructure...

Blast from the Past: Remember caller controlled disconnect

Note from the editor: I’m always enthralled by the pace of technology. This blog entry is a gem from 2009, and it addresses issues that were frequently encountered with land lines. In 2013, Pew Research reported that over 90% of adults now use cell phones, which makes the problems addressed in this blog completely moot. It’s worth...

What do I Ask When Evaluating SaaS

Deploying a SaaS application is new for many companies and there are lots of people willing to offer advice on how to evaluate and select the right SaaS solution. Alistair Croll offered a good set of questions to ask when evaluating SaaS. I like his advice because it offers a good holistic view of SaaS and...

Debunking SaaS Myths

Gartner VP Robert P. Desisto has recently publish research entitled, "Fact Checking: The Five Most-Common SaaS Assumptions" to help people understand more about Software as a Service and debunk potential myths. Of course, I couldn't let this one go without commenting on it. So here it goes: Assumption 1: SaaS is less expensive than on-premise...

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