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Seeing Things Clearly

The world has been a bit fuzzy for me the last few days, since my glasses were broken (and it will be a few days before the new pair arrives). I've really learned to appreciate seeing things clearly, just as I'm sure call center operators feel when they can have clear visibility into their call center software....

An Introduction to VoIP

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over IP or broken down even further, Voice over Internet Protocol, yet calls don’t have to run over the internet at all.Essentially, VoIP is a way to transmit voice telephone calls over a data network using the protocol, or set of rules and standards, that the internet was based on –...

Contact Center Love – Part Two

In the first installment of this series I spoke about contact centers, the large amounts of money spent and resources that companies spend on you, their customer. However, for many people, the operations of a contact center are foreign. In the contact center world, employees account for up to 75% of expenses. The vast majority of those...

CRS-3: Routing For a More Interactive Future

Cisco recently announced a new product that promises to be the foundation of the next-generation Internet. The new product is a router, the CRS-3, for the core Internet carriers, but as routers go, it may just be the most advanced router on the planet. This routers effectively triples the capacity of the previous product paving the...

Moment of Truth

Millions of times every day, customers interact with organizations through their contact centers. Hundreds of thousands of agents across the globe are tasked with representing the organization which employs them in variety of sales, service, and support functions. More often than not, the contact center agent is the only "human connection" the customer will ever...

No Boundaries for inContact

inContact is pleased to see their product offering playing a hand in the support provided to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Relief effort. As impromptu as the earthquake was, inContact’s customer, InService America (ISA), was quickly presented with the urgent need to allocate 65 additional agents to staff lines dedicated to raise money for the Earthquake victims....

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