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14 innovative ideas for your path to personalization


Personalization isn’t a nice-to-have: 57% of customers have stopped buying because a competitor provided a better experience. Customers expect omnichannel personalization where engagements are tailored based on their past interactions.

That’s why “use the recipient’s name in an email” isn’t what you’ll find here. Personalization requires an intimate knowledge of your customer. The goal? Anticipating when and why they need service.

To get there, four leading CX experts have helped us put together a list of 14 personalization ideas covering the fundamentals through innovative ways you can surprise and delight.

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  • The impact of personalization on experience and loyalty
  • Personalization best practices and fundamentals for contact center leaders
  • Real-life examples of personalized customer experience

3 critical customer service changes in 2021-2022

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CXone Expert knowledge management

Great customer experiences begin with knowledge. CXone Expert knowledge management makes sure that your customers get that knowledge in the form of the information, answers, and support they need wherever they are along in their journey.

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A powerful agent Interface

Help your agents provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience with one powerful interface for all tools and channels.