Customer Stories

2degrees Mobile: Delivering exceptional customer and agent experiences with CXone


Leading New Zealand telecommunications provider 2degrees Mobile deployed the NICE CXone cloud contact centre solution to overcome the challenges of having multiple legacy systems that were not all integrated, grow their market share and drive greater contact centre efficiency and customer experience. The move to the cloud enabled transformation and further innovation including deployment of an agile method to deliver great CX. Key elements of the project included self-service, a unified and seamless platform, and positive engagement and buy-in from their contact centre team. It was important to get the agents on board with the new deployment and they adopted an open culture of allowing the agents to provide feedback and an open dialogue was initiated. As this was a big change from when they were running the contact centre in a traditional environment, the change management aspect was critical for the agents. Watch the video now to discover 2degrees journey to the cloud with the world-leading and award winning CXone platform.