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Customer convenience: Strategies that give you a competitive edge


When it comes to customers, the bar for CX is higher than ever. Customers want amazing service – and if your contact center doesn’t provide it, you’ll hear about it. Enter the Convenience Revolution, where leaders are dumping outdated platforms in favor of delivering the low-effort, friction-free experiences customers now demand. This webinar also shares six principles you need to know to gain the competitive advantage when making this powerful transition.


Digital dividends: The payoff of digital-first service and pitfalls of failing to pivot

In the past 12 months, customer-initiated digital interactions have exploded. And COVID-19 continues to intensify the demand for integrated, seamless digital CX. Is your contact center capable of delivering the digital-first service customers now expect? Find out how easy it is to transition to a fully integrated digital platform – and discover the payoffs of doing so during this webinar presented by industry experts.


Help agents do more with digital channels

More than ever before, agencies are experiencing increased workloads – without the benefit of increased staff. It’s one of the reasons so many agencies have activated digital channels for their contact centers. Digital channels make it possible for agents to handle more inbound and outbound programs simultaneously, so their load drops and citizen engagement rises. Discover how digital channels can help your agency take on new duties, while still fulfilling its core mission.


WEBINAR: The post-pandemic contact center: what’s next for remote work & digital customer engagement

As the world begins to reopen, contact center leaders find themselves asking, “What happens next?” What issues do we need to consider as we move forward? What should “go back to normal” and what should stay the same? How can we develop strong post COVID-19 strategies that are flexible enough for these uncertain times? Get new insights from industry expert Laura Bassett.