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4 Call Center Software CX Strategies to Win in the Experience Economy


Today’s customers are not just looking to get the right service at the right time and right channel. They are looking for an experience that is immersive, engaging and proactive. Read about four simple ways to start transforming your CX.


White Papers

Contact Center Customer Experience (CX): Competitive Differentiation (PDF)

As we enter the experience economy, customer experience becomes a key tool for differentiation. Learn how your contact center can help be the epicenter of customer experience and drive differentiation.


Empowering Contact Center Agents in Customer Experience (Webinar)

Are your agents empowered to deliver outstanding service, or are they forced to navigate disjointed tools, and bound by policies or KPIs that ultimately result in frustrated customers? Agent empowerment is a critical component of the effortless customer experience, yet according to ICMI research, 74% of contact centers admit they prevent their agents from providing the best service possible. How can we change this? Join us for an eye-opening discussion that will arm you with practical advice you can use to make positive changes in your contact center.  

Customer Stories

Contact Center Customer Experience Improvements for Young Energy (Video)

An electric provider in Texas, Young Energy had few insights into their customer experience—and extracting actionable insight from the limited amount of data they had was cumbersome. Young Energy improved the customer experience from start to finish by implementing NICE CXone. Significant improvements include: 15% reduction in average handle time, 10% reduction in average speed of answer, 15% increase in quality assurance scores, and 10% increase in sales.