CX Transformation Benchmark ; Business Goals and Metrics 2019


Discover why so many businesses are abandoning on-premises contact center technology and transitioning to a cloud platform. Plus, get insights on how you can provide the seamless omnichannel experiences 91% of customers expect today.

Customer Stories

Empire Today's Move Up to CXone and the Cloud

Although Empire Today was moving forward, its contact center was stuck in the past. Instead of paying $1 million to upgrade it with modern functionality, the company wisely decided to search for a new partner and move to the cloud. Empire chose NICE and the CXone cloud CX platform and has never looked back.

Customer Stories

CXone Helps Aetna's Medicare Transition Services (Case Study)

Aetna’s Medicare Transition Services was weary of being at the mercy of its previous vendors’ limitations and time frames. But the move to NICE’s CXone cloud CX platform has brought the group new-found flexibility, modernization and control. It’s also enjoying CXone’s agility and flexibility, especially as the program grows and implements new applications. 

Customer Stories

CXone Solutions Help TruGreen Contact Centers Provide Seamless CX (PDF)

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