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Demystifying the flavors of AI to boost customer experience


Consider this the must-see guide to AI. Part “how to create extraordinary customer experiences and stronger relationships with AI”; part “how to build a business case for AI implementation that gets the go-ahead from senior leadership”; and part “how to transform agent experiences and deliver superior service.” It all adds up to you leading the 78% of contact centers planning to deploy AI in the next three years.

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Contact Center AI explained by Pop Culture

Most the time AI is as comprehensible as R2D2’s, “Beep Bloop Blop Bleep Boops.” Can anyone explain AI and how it works—like really? But what if learning Contact Center AI were as engaging as “Blade Runner”? If understanding how it works could be less painless than how its portrayed in “2001: A Space Odyssey”? And, what if understanding AI could make you feel as empowered as the Terminator? It can. Download the eBook to learn how AI works through pop culture and movie examples of AI, and “Come with me if you want to learn…” about contact center AI, including: • What is AI—and what isn’t it? What can AI do? • Learn how AI makes computers talk conversationally, understand and learn • Get a grasp on concepts like machine learning and natural language processing • Learn what movies get right (and wrong) about Contact Center AI • Plus, see if you can identify all the iconic references Download the eBook now! Popcorn not included.

White Papers

Solve for the human side of AI in your contact center

AI technology allows your contact center to handle more calls with fewer resources, freeing up your agents to address customer issues that only a human can solve.


Conversational AI for Call Centers | CXone

The next big thing in customer experience (CX) is conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which promises to deliver the highly personalized, data-driven digital experiences that customers will require as these new technologies permeate contact centers and customer service organizations over the next few years. But where do you start and how do you plan for this seminal transition?