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Enhance your contact center experiences with CXone Agent for ServiceNow


CXone Agent for ServiceNow consolidates your customer context and contact center controls into a single interface, for more efficient agents and more personalized customer service. Watch and learn how you can use your CRM data to identify customers and connect them to the ideal agent, improving first-contact resolution, average handle time, and customer and agent satisfaction.

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Integrate your CRM

Know everything about your customer before the first hello.

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Simplify Workforce management

Simplify everything from forecasting to scheduling without juggling spreadsheets or multiple applications.

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3 Distinct Approaches to Reduce Your Contact Center Costs

Cost to serve remains as a key goal for Contact Center Executives. While there are many ways to cut costs it is important to balance it with Customer Experience. Also, not all options will work best for you. It will depend on the business cycle you are in. Learn your options to cut costs based on your business cycle.