Getting ❤️ to ❤️: Expressing empathy in a digital world


The upsurge in live chat, messaging, email, web and social media interactions—plus the focus on digital channels and technology—has led contact centers to ask critical CX questions:

  • Are we sacrificing human connection?
  • Are agents delivering empathy and efficiency with every engagement?
  • How can we make sure teams embody our brand promise?
  • How can we design strategies that drive customer and agent satisfaction?

Listen in as our industry experts answer these questions and share real-life examples of how other companies have successfully navigated these challenges.

White Papers

State of contact center transformation in the new digital world (ContactBabel)

Agent roles expanded along with customer channel choices during digital transformation. Customers chat, text, or call, and they expect you to know them after those interactions. Contact center agents must build connections at every step in a customer’s journey, in every channel.

White Papers

14 innovative ideas for your path to personalization

Personalization isn’t a nice-to-have: 57% of customers have stopped buying because a competitor provided a better experience. Customers expect omnichannel personalization where engagements are tailored based on their past interactions.

White Papers

Cultivating a future-proof customer journey strategy

Customer journeys begin with web search, and long before they initiate contact with an agent, they’re self-serving their needs and crawling the web and your digital—and physical—channels. If they do reach out for support, it’s on any channel, at any point of their journey. And, they’re measuring their experience with your company against the best they’ve had—thanks, Amazon!