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How and Why to Engage Your Agents in Quality Management

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We all know quality management is a critical factor in driving contact center performance. However, in most contact centers, there feels like a great divide between agents and evaluators. Survey five agents in your contact center today related to your quality management processes – how leadership picks the questions on evaluation forms, how frequently each agent gets evaluated, how evaluations impact their overall performance ratings, how their own evaluators’ success is measured – and I bet you’d get five different answers, or worse yet, the familiar deer in the headlights look. It’s for that reason that so many agents just think of quality management as “Big Brother,” tapping their phone lines and tracking their every move.

Engaging your agents in your quality management processes can overcome this perception, drive agent confidence, and even help agents develop an appreciation for quality management and how it helps improve their performance. In this on-demand webinar Lauren Comer, Senior Product Marketing Manager at NICE inContact, and Brandon Wade, Telecommunications Manager from RentPath, present “How to Engage Agents in Your Quality Process.” They discuss quality management strategies and best practices, and RentPath shares how they boosted agent engagement and increased customer satisfaction by making agents active participants in the QM process.