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NICE inContact CXone Workforce Management


Among your contact center resources, your agents are the most critical. They interact with and deliver services to customers, thus directly affecting customer satisfaction and loyalty. While agents hold the keys to your company’s success, they are also the most expensive resource you have – accounting for 60% to 70% of expenses in a contact center. Utilizing our workforce optimization technologies developed with Artificial Intelligence at the core and leveraging advanced statistical and mathematical optimization, NICE inContact Workforce Management answers the industry’s need and delivers breakthrough performance improvements.

NICE inContact CXone Recording datasheet

NICE inContact CXone Recording provides secure, full-featured voice and screen recording for audio and digital channels to satisfy contact center compliance and quality needs. Adhere to compliance regulations with capabilities to meet GDPR, PCI and HIPPA standards, including encryption, automated and on-demand masking, consent-based recording, extensive retention options, and Key Management. Store per business-specific needs with flexible lifecycle management, including AWS active and long-term storage options, ability to “bring your own” AWS storage, and ability to extract from CXone storage for external use. Contact center leaders can also easily search, retrieve, and monitor recordings via intuitive, unified search interface.

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Improve omnichannel customer experience with NICE inContact CXone Quality Management Analytics

NICE inContact CXone Quality Management (QM) Analytics improves the omnichannel customer experience through targeted agent feedback. Organizations can utilize call recording capabilities and apply automatic, granular analysis and categorization to more effectively pinpoint interactions to evaluate for quality management purposes, keeping agents on message and out of trouble. QM Analytics simplifies quality management, analyzing each interaction based on category, sentiment, and user-defined keywords/phrases, and delivers sophisticated analytical capabilities without an army of experts. Watch this video and see how CXone QM Analytics can empower your organization to act faster and smarter about quality.