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Improve omnichannel customer experience with NICE CXone Quality Management


Today’s consumer demands a perfect experience, every time. Randomly monitoring calls is not good enough anymore, but supervisors don’t have the time or resources to ensure agents truly understand what a great CX looks like. 75% of contact center leaders are not very satisfied with their QM programs. And it’s no wonder. With small sample sizes, and 2 in 5 contact centers still using manual quality processes… there’s got to be a better way!

Enter NICE CXone Quality Management. With AI powered quality, supervisors and evaluators have intelligent tools to take CX to the next level – and ensure agents know how to deliver it.


NICE Quality Management Analytics

Now you can evaluate every agent and interaction with pinpoint accuracy.


How and why to engage your agents in quality management

Learn how incorporating analytics and engaging agents in your QM process can result in higher agent engagement and a stronger customer experience.


5 ways to empower contact center agents

Engaged agents don’t just happen. Here’s how you can empower your frontline to go above and beyond.