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NICE CXone Quality Management improves the customer experience


CXone Quality Management (QM) is an easy-to-use, full featured offering with agent-centric evaluation and coaching workflows to enable operations to improve both the customer and agent experience, as well as reduce evaluator effort. Screen and call recording, agent self-evaluations, automated quality feedback, and dispute arbitration workflows help you achieve an effective balance between operational requirements and agent empowerment. Enhancing customer interactions starts with tracking and managing their quality. It can be difficult to gather the quality insights you need without overwhelming your quality management team, while still ensuring agents are coached regularly. Watch how CXone Quality Management helps analyze customers’ experiences to identify where they can be improved upon with an easy-to-use evaluation, review, and coaching solution. 

White Papers

2016 Cloud Contact Center Market Leadership Award (PDF)

The meteoric rise in cloud contact center deployments has taken many by surprise. A decade ago, while hosted and cloud-based applications certainly weren’t new, premise-based contact center systems still reigned supreme. However, all that changed as companies saw the benefits of the cloud. Those benefits include: fast time to deployment, the ability to use OPEX rather than Capex funds, and the ability to rapidly scale up or down in agent seats or ports as business needs dictate. Cloud-based contact centers also enable companies to quickly add new channels of interaction, and to more easily integrate disparate applications. In an age when omnichannel customer care is a strategic imperative, the cloud has become a tool to get there. Premises vs. Cloud However, the growth in cloud contact centers has not been without challenges. Across the cloud-landscape companies have had to address the perceptions and realities of whether having applications in the cloud are less reliable, stable, and secure than on-premise applications. Early entrants to the cloud were often perceived as having solutions that were not as feature-rich as their legacy premise-based counterparts. As cloud adoption took off, these same companies faced increased competition from new market entrants, and had to fend off well entrenched contact center system providers that started to launch cloud-based solutions as well. Winners in this crowded market landscape have largely addressed the concerns that have plagued cloud application providers. As an example, they have launched geographically redundant data centers with strong security practices, and stayed on top of industry standards and regulations. But most importantly, they have created feature-rich suites of products, which can compete with the best of the premise-based suppliers, and innovated in many areas beyond what those suppliers provide. NICE is one such supplier leading the cloud contact center market. It increased its market share in Hosted/Cloud ACD by an impressive two percentage points in 2015, achieving 10.5% of the market. In addition, within the APO segment it showed similar gains, moving from 8.2% of the market in 2014 to 10.4% of the market in 2015. The company has done this with a compelling suite of products and innovative features, and by strong performance in the following key areas. Download the full report today!

Customer Stories

Call Center Consumer Research 2015 (Infographic)

The 2015 NICE CXone Consumer Research Report Infographic provides key insights into Americans placing orders over $25 via phone or online in the past 6 months, including types of products/services ordered, total value of all orders, and interactions with a company representative at various stages of the purchase journey.

White Papers

2017 NICE CXone Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark (PDF)

The two sides to the Customer Experience story In this latest installment of NICE CXone research, in conjunction with MaritzCX, we surveyed businesses with call center operations of all sizes on the same customer experience topics we previously surveyed among a broad group of consumers. The combined results of those two waves of research tell a very revealing, two-sided story of current state customer experiences and expectations for emerging omnichannel services. Key findings include: Your customer service isn’t as good as you think - Agent-assisted service – 18% gap - Business rating 63% success - Consumer rating 45% success - Self-service experience – 13% gap - Business rating 52% success - Consumer rating 39% success More customers still prefer agent-assisted phone calls Over 50% of businesses offer all agent-assisted and self-service channels—online chat/video, SMS, social media—though most customers still rely heavily on inbound/outbound phone calls for fastest resolution. Businesses misalign with customers on personalization 21% of consumers studied rate personalized service a top priority compared to 13% of businesses Businesses and customers agree that companies should direct customers to the channel that resolve their situation in the quickest way