Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Solutions, 2015-2016: Ovum Decision Matrix

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As businesses continue to replace their existing premise-based contact centers with cloud solutions, vendors are rapidly developing their capabilities and making acquisitions in the space. It can be difficult for enterprises to navigate the broad array of available cloud contact center offerings. The cloud contact center solutions and vendors are diverse; they include offerings from legacy contact center vendors, specialist multi-tenant players, emerging niche solutions, and large telecoms and outsourcing providers.

This report reviews many of the leading cloud contact center solutions, with particular emphasis on the ability of providers to handle multichannel customer interactions and connect data through analytics. It compares solutions based on the strength of their technology platforms, the views of their customers, and the impact that each company has in the marketplace. Ovum has selected vendors for comparison based on their ability to offer full voice call routing in the cloud. All the selected vendors have the capacity to route at least one interaction channel beyond voice.