Customer Stories

Sitel - NICE CXone Partnership Blossoms


Sitel, the third-largest BPO in the world, joined forces with NICE CXone to create a unique, fully managed contact center solution for a global insurance company—in record time. Sitel now markets the Sitel Omniplatform Solution and its fully managed CXone Solution to other clients and is in the process of replacing Avaya with its new de-facto CX technology standard, CXone!

Customer Stories

Boost your efficiencies

This travel company reaped huge efficiencies with optimization and collaboration from NICE CXone.

Customer Stories

CXone Enhances Call Center Customer Experience for Basic Research (PDF)

By building a custom integration between NICE and its CRM system, Basic Research gives its agents extensive visibility into every call, enabling them to provide consistently exceptional customer experiences. The company can also track individual customers across all touchpoints—every contact and sale.