Webinar: Tuning in to the Voice of the Customer - Best Practices that Drive Satisfaction and Success


How many different measures of customer satisfaction are there? Let us count the ways…But none can take the place of voice of the customer - getting direct feedback at the close of a service interaction.

In this webcast you will hear Piedmont Reporting Specialist Patricia Caffery break down her company’s successful use of a customer feedback survey tool to increase customer satisfaction and drive positive change in the organization. She’ll highlight a variety of her company’s best practices, from key processes that have led to success to statistical measures used to gauge improvement.

During this presentation, you’ll learn: 
• How the customer feedback survey tool can tap into customer insights and relationship-building opportunities you just couldn’t get in other ways.
• How real-time customer feedback can dramatically change perspectives across the organization, from call center agents themselves to senior management.
• How your organization can better tune in to the voice of your customers—and why customers aren’t waiting around for you to do it!