Webinar: The Call Center WFO Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together

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WFO is a dynamic puzzle of technology, processes and resources, that when properly put together can be the key to optimizing the contact center. Join us as we show you how to put the WFO pieces together to save your contact center money and valuable time!

There’s no denying that the contact center is becoming more complicated. Every time a new channel is added, or a new customer type is identified, the contact center must quickly adapt. Fortunately, the contact center already has a powerful set of tools to leverage; their workforce optimization (WFO).

WFO puts automation, insight, and predictability easily into your hands. Not only will WFO save your contact center money and valuable time, it will also provide you with an incredible understanding of your customers and agent needs.

Join ICMI and inContact as we show you how to put the WFO pieces together! We’ll review the findings from ICMI’s latest workforce optimization research and truly show you how to harness the power of the contact center.