Frequently asked questions

1) Individuals looking for a contact center solution
If you're researching contact center solutions, we’ve got the answers to the important questions to consider and evaluate before making a decision. From learning the basics, to understanding the importance of the agent and customer experience for your organization, we’ve got you covered.
2) Individuals looking for an answer about NICE inContact products specifically
If you have a question about a NICE inContact product we have the answer. We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to arm you with the knowledge you need to achieve your customer experience goals.
3) Individuals working in a contact center looking for answers to questions to common contact center supervisor challenges (how to calculate certain metrics, etc.)
Managing a call center - while rewarding - comes with its own set of challenges like managing schedules, keeping a team motivated and tracking key metrics to name a few. To ensure your success we compiled a list FAQs to common supervisor challenges to help you achieve your contact center goals with best practices in mind.