Could your contact centre benefit from being in the cloud?

VIEW Dec 19, 2013
Contact Centre Helper, The UK's Most Popular Contact Centre Magazine: Cloud enables UK organisations to deliver customer service in ways that would not be possible using on-premise solutions without significant organisational upheaval and financial cost. ​

The Changing Face of the Contact Center

VIEW Dec 19, 2013
Telecom Ramblings: For most consumers, the ‘voice’ of a brand is the customer service associate that they interact with either in the store or through the company’s contact center operations, typically accessed either by calling a toll-free number or virtually through a website’s chat function.

Preserving the Human Element of Quality Customer Service

VIEW Nov 10, 2013
1to1 Media: Technology has become an unavoidable component in helping to deliver quality customer service, yet companies still must maintain a humanistic approach in order to preserve the personalized experiences that cultivate satisfaction and loyalty.

Did THAT Just Happen Up Close and Personal with United Customer Service

VIEW Oct 16, 2013
ICMI: “There is a huge misconception in the multichannel world that the personal connection is no longer necessary,” says Mariann McDonagh, CMO for inContact. “WRONG! Just because you give a customer every channel they want, doesn’t mean that they also don’t want to talk to a real person now and again.”​

Walk in an Agents Shoes

VIEW Oct 16, 2013
1to1 Media: Last week, I had the good fortune to moderate a panel discussion on creating memorable customer experiences at inContact's annual user conference, ICUC 2013.

Customers Want Companies To Be Proactive When It Comes to Customer Service

VIEW Sep 8, 2013
Adrian Swinscoe: Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting to Mariann McDonagh, the Chief Marketing Officer, of inContact about the results of their July 2013 customer service survey. What I found interesting about this survey was that they were examining how customers react when contacted 'proactively' by companies.

Predictive Dialer Pause Puts Off Otherwise Responsive Customers

VIEW Sep 8, 2013
BizReport: Brand new research reveals the majority of customers are happy for companies to contact them by telephone and many will answer calls from unfamiliar numbers, but the same research reveals the extent to which the dreaded predictive dialer pause causes amenable consumers to hang up and feel unvalued.

CMOs’ Next Role: Chief Growth Officer

VIEW Jul 31, 2013
CMO: Today, we chief marketing officers have the choice to grow ourselves, our teams, and our businesses. There's a window of opportunity for CMOs to step up and out beyond our so-called limitations and our own comfort zones.

Cloud Centers Pave the Way for Call Center Growth

VIEW Jul 2, 2013
CIO: When Ray Valentine first started managing technology for major call center providers 20 years ago, you had do everything yourself. "I came up through the old, big, Avaya premise-based heavy iron solutions," Valentine says.