Where is the Agent Heading?

VIEW Dec 10, 2014
ICMI - As is customary this time of the year, we look forward into the next year and beyond. And we might ask: where are our agents heading?

Work-at-Home Solutions Are Transforming Call Center Operations

VIEW Nov 19, 2014
Destination CRM - Having contact center systems and software positioned in the cloud "is the way to go if you're going to allow people to work at home," adds Jennifer Waite, product marketing manager at inContact. "The cloud gives you the ability to have technology with you wherever you are. You don't have to set anything up. [The system] just needs to know where to route the work."

The Challenges of a Remote Workforce - Tips for Increasing Employee Engagement

VIEW Oct 27, 2014
ICMI - Halloween is coming up quickly and many contact centers are preparing for how they will celebrate with their staff. Many will allow their agents to dress up and some will even have contests for the best costume, most original theme for a team and most creative way that their cubicle was decorated. This is a great way to involve your staff in a fun activity, unless they are a remote agent… How do we involve the remote agents in these kinds of in-house activities, contests and fun?

CRM Integration in the Age of the Customer: 1+1=3

VIEW Sep 17, 2014
ICMI - Most everyone in the Contact Center and CRM space seems to agree: this is the age of the customer. Excellence in Customer Service is a competitive differentiator, and offering better customer service than “the other guy” can make or break your business.

Metrics that Matter: Use the Right Tools to Measure

VIEW Aug 18, 2014
ICMI - It’s hard to imagine, but the days of reading from a printed script and keeping track of all calls with a pen and a paper where not so long ago. When call center agents were monitored by a physical person manually hard wired into their line. These types of inefficiencies have been experienced by nearly every call center, but luckily we have come a long way in a short amount of time.

Hoffman’s Hot Seat: Hot Trends in Outbound Communications

VIEW Aug 11, 2014
1to1 Media - 1to1 Media's Tom Hoffman catches up with Jennifer Waite, Product Marketing Manager at inContact at Call Center Week in Las Vegas to discuss key trends in outbound communications, including new approaches to proactive customer communications.​

Speech Analytics Goes Back to the Future

VIEW Aug 3, 2014
1to1 Media - While 1.21 gigawatts may be extreme, companies must power their VOC strategies with the innovative tools and technologies necessary to drive real-time speech analytics and fuel first call resolution.Though voice conversations and customer service calls may seem like things of the past, speech technology and data analytics continue to usher such interactions quickly into the future—no flux capacitor necessary.

Quality Management Across Channels: Back to the Basics

VIEW Jul 13, 2014
ICMI - As contact centers continue to evolve, quality management processes will need to keep up. So, why not go back to basics?! Today we review key areas where quality management needs to evolve for multi-channel to keep you ahead of the continually update processes and compendiums as you make changes!

A Recipe for Success in the Workplace

VIEW Jul 10, 2014
Forefront Magazine - When it was time to bring her far-flung team together a few months ago, Mariann McDonagh eschewed some typical corporate outings in favor of a cooking school session where people worked to prepare an elaborate Thai meal and eventually gather together to enjoy the fruits - and vegetables - of their labor.​

Omnichannel Service Takes the Whole Company

VIEW Jul 10, 2014
CMSWire - When we look to a company for answers, what do we want? We want a seamless experience and answers tailored to our needs, no matter how we reach out. Whether we visit a store, check a website, send an email, call customer service or all of the above, we want the source or person on the other end to understand our relevant history and quickly provide answers. We want omnichannel service, and so do our customers.

Tips for Creating Meaningful Curriculum and Delivering it Efficiently

VIEW Jul 7, 2014
ICMI - Every contact center has a training process. Normally there is a process for new employees, otherwise known as onboarding, and also one for continuing education. Creating dynamic training curriculum to keep agents engaged and delivering it efficiently is difficult. But, the question you should ask yourself is how are the topics for the curriculum chosen, and how do I know I am successful? How does training interoperate within your business?

Vendors Battle For The Heart Of The Contact Center

VIEW Jun 25, 2014
Forrester - Kate Leggett, Principal Analyst serving Application Development and Delivery Professionals, examines several of the available options - including from the cloud - to best manage the growing CRM and WFO challenges for today's contact centers.

Hot Trends in the Contact Center Space

VIEW Jun 9, 2014
1to1 Media - The acquisition of Uptivity by inContact provides more cloud solutions to companies looking to differentiate themselves through improved customer service and creating a better customer experience.

Introducing The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center

VIEW Jun 9, 2014
ICMI - Kristyn Emenecker, Vice President of WFO Solutions Group for inContact, provides solutions for contact center management to be revenue contributors and key strategic members of their corporate enterprise leadership team by becoming a Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center (TM)

InContact Advances Workforce Optimization for Contact Centers

VIEW May 28, 2014
Ventana Research - Industry analyst Richard Snow gives his perspective on the inContact's roadmap for WFO in the cloud based on his recent interview with Kristyn Emenecker, inContact VP of WFO Solutions. Good links to related to Ventana Research Next-Generation Benchmarks.

Cloud Disruption in the Call Center

VIEW May 27, 2014
CMS Wire - The $22-billion call center market — dominated by legacy solutions from Avaya, Cisco Systems and Genesys — is ripe for disruption and cloud contact center solutions are positioned to strike.

Speech Analytics in the Cloud: The Power to Act, the Insights to Transform

VIEW May 5, 2014
Smart Customer Service - Forward-thinking contact center executives and quality assurance managers know that their organizations have room for improvement, even transformation. Intuitively, they know that they're wasting precious time and money on failed customer calls. And they know they're leaving money on the table from sales not made. But without objective, meaningful, and specific facts, what can they do? What can you do? Consider the power of speech analytics in the cloud.

Sizing Up Social’s Competitive Advantage

VIEW May 4, 2014
1to1 Media - By embracing the conversational nature of social media, companies can generate dialogue, moving beyond the basic batch-and-blast techniques of yesteryear as they work to strengthen customer relationships and boost loyalty. ​

10 Scheduling Strategies to Optimize Your Workforce

VIEW Apr 30, 2014
ICMI - Contact Center Workforce Managers are the data “artists” within the company. This is a very important and challenging position. It’s about understanding and knowing when you’ll be the busiest, making sure people are adhering to what is planned and then quickly anticipating and adjusting throughout the day. With all these moving parts, below are ten workforce strategies to optimize your workforce.

Have Marketers Outgrown Multichannel?

VIEW Apr 27, 2014
Direct Marketing News - “Generally speaking, the majority of companies have not mastered multichannel marketing. Not because they don't want to improve, but because technology is still an obstacle,” says Madelyn Gengelbach, VP of strategic marketing at contact center provider inContact.

Success with Real-time Tools for Engaging Your Workforce

VIEW Apr 21, 2014
ICMI - Regardless of the type of business, you are always looking for ways to drive performance. It’s like trying to find the shiny object to keep everyone’s attention, while behind the scenes making a positive impact on your business. How do you engage your workforce?