inContact Innovates in Workforce Optimization and SMS

VIEW Apr 15, 2014
No Jitter - CIOs are looking for THE best solutions--often regardless of premise or cloud. This means that cloud contact center providers that want to set themselves apart from the increasing number of competitors are seeking to push the envelope--providing not just table stakes but innovation. Innovation is clearly inContact's core message with the announcement today.

Got WFM? Time to Move Up to WFO in the Cloud

VIEW Apr 7, 2014
ICMI - Workforce management (WFM) tools are a great start, but it’s really just the beginning. Workforce optimization (WFO) is comprised of many processes and tools that are used for assessment and improvement of the agent and organization. With a full suite, you get powerful tools to help understand and act on four key levers: Presence, Proficiency, Performance, and Perception.

SMS Has Grown Up, So Let’s Treat it Like a Real Service Channel

VIEW Mar 24, 2014
ICMI - Getting a text is exciting. We all love receiving SMS messages from the people closest to us - whether it’s a family member, friend, or co-worker. They reach us wherever we are, and we pause our day to share a quick laugh and respond. The easy back and forth makes texting a very personal form of communication, and this intimacy is the reason that generic SMS marketing blasts tend to annoy customers and erode brand loyalty.

Contact Centers Drive the Social CRM Revolution

VIEW Mar 13, 2014
CMSWire - Cloud technology and social CRM can operationalize social customer care so that companies realign their systems and operations around customer preferences. Brands that listen and respond through social media are not only providing another channel for customers to reach them, but providing a level of customer service that drives customer loyalty — which is always at a premium.​

3 Roles CEOs Expect Their CMOs To Master

VIEW Mar 5, 2014
CMO - "Satisfying unrecognized needs is especially critical for CMOs operating in emerging markets. We must have a strategic approach from the get-go. We’re not chasing what’s already there; we’re looking for the next big growth area to create." Mariann McDonagh, inContact CMO and Paul Jarman, inContact CEO, talk about what CEOs really want from their CMO.

The 2014 CRM Service Leaders

VIEW Mar 2, 2014
CRM Magazine - Hot off a number of sizable customer wins and key partnerships, this is a company on the move. "inContact is one of the ones to watch in 2014," McGee-Smith says. "Solid product improvement, coupled with strong reseller agreements with [companies such as] Verizon and Unify, have been key to its growth."

The 2014 CRM Rising Star Awards

VIEW Mar 2, 2014
CRM Magazine - "Customers don't care what channels you support—they only care that you are in the ones they are in. People start with inContact because they realize how important it is to provide customer support across all channels," Ray Wang, founder and principal analyst at Constellation Research, says.

Fight for Your Right to Own Social

VIEW Feb 26, 2014
ICMI - Good marketers never lose sight of what customers want, and in today’s online age, they want responsive, informed social service. The only way to deliver that is through the contact center.

The Power of Small Data

VIEW Feb 16, 2014
1to1 Media - While most professionals are fixated on Big Data and the insight such intelligence offers, many neglect the meaning behind day-to-day interactions and the type of impact this granular information has on the organization's approach to customer experience.

Bringing it Back Together in 2014

VIEW Jan 14, 2014
ICMI - Mariann McDonagh, inContact CMO, notes on the need for a more personalized customer experience. “As a customer, one personalized proactive experience can completely transform your perception. It transforms the relationship between a brand and the consumer.”

7 CRM Trends for 2014

VIEW Jan 5, 2014
Enterprise Apps Today - Mobile CRM, which has been gaining momentum for quite some time, is a trend that will only get hotter in 2014, experts predict.