Ho! Ho! Home-based Agents

VIEW Dec 20, 2015
ICMI - If you are in retail or another strongly seasonal business that peaks around this time of the year, I would wager a bet that you’d hire Santa and all his elves—maybe even Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, if only he could talk—to help stem the seasonal influx of contacts.

Strategies to Successfully Deal with Rude Customers

VIEW Dec 10, 2015
ICMI - If you have worked in customer service, especially in the contact center realm, you know that rude customers are inevitable. ​It’s a tough situation that can be emotionally draining, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some strategies you can use immediately...

Retain Top Talent by Promoting from Within

VIEW Dec 3, 2015
ICMI - ​If the current paradigm in your office is to disregard internal candidates in favor of external hires, consider the potential costs of losing your best and brightest top performers.

Yes, the Customer is Still King

VIEW Oct 29, 2015
ICMI - ​Customer needs and expectations reshape how interactions are structured and handled, which interaction channels are offered, and what constitutes acceptable customer service.

Understand Your Customer Expectations By Channel

VIEW Oct 25, 2015
ICMI - In the digital era, there are an ever expanding number of technologies which allow companies to interact with their customers in various ways. Each of these channels comes with its own nuances and sets of pros and cons

inContact Refreshes Cloud Contact Center Platform

VIEW Oct 1, 2015
Channel Vision Magazine - inContact has launched its Fall 2015 release of its cloud contact center platform. As part of the release, inContact is establishing the core technology components of a complete cloud customer interaction platform.

Call Centers Ready for Big Show

VIEW Sep 20, 2015 - ​Contact center luminaries from far and wide are making plans to head to Salt Lake City next week for the 11th annual InContact User Conference (ICUC).

Customer Service Week Isn’t Enough

VIEW Aug 5, 2015
ICMI - Showing appreciation for your customer service associates during one short period of the year – and nothing more – won’t move the needle on morale, performance or loyalty... What is your company doing to ensure this isn’t the only time of year that appreciation is expressed?

“Thumbs On” Done Right Gets A “Thumbs Up”

VIEW Jun 18, 2015
ICMI - Did you know that there’s a fair chance you can tell someone’s age by the way they ring a door bell? Sounds weird? Not at all! Research indicates that whilst most adults over 20 will use their index finger to ring a doorbell, the majority of people under 20 will actually use their thumb. Why?

Birds of a Feather: Cloud Software Leader Picks inContact’s Cloud Platform

VIEW May 27, 2015 - In the expanding world of cloud computing, it’s understandable the leaders would know each other. It’s a small world so far, and they’re all growing together... It’s no wonder inContact was chosen, as the company continuously innovates in the cloud and is the only provider to offer core contact center infrastructure, workforce optimization and an enterprise-class telecom network for the most complete customer journey management.

Heightened Expectations in Today’s Hyper-Connected World

VIEW May 11, 2015
ICMI - As we know, customers want it all: infinite choice, immediate access, personalized service. And, they expect your contact center to deliver it at every step... Here are three key findings from our recently conducted customer journey research and how they affect the contact center.

Self-Service Isn’t Enough

VIEW May 7, 2015
DestinationCRM - Conventional wisdom says that the need for contact center agents is diminishing with the adoption of automation and self-service channels.

RingCentral, inContact Partner on Contact Center

VIEW Apr 28, 2015
eWeek - RingCentral announced the launch of its Contact Center platform, which is powered by inContact, a provider of cloud contact center software. The solution is integrated with RingCentral Office and gives contact center agents the ability to engage customers through multiple channels, including voice, email, chat and SMS.

Customer Expectations in Today’s Hyper-Modern, Hyper-Connected World

VIEW Apr 14, 2015
BrightTalk - Consumers want it all: infinite choice, immediate access, personalized service. And they expect you to be available and deliver at every step in an effortless multi-channel, multi-event customer journey. Mariann McDonagh, CMO of inContact, will share hot-off-the-presses research about consumer expectations during the peak shopping season.