Improve Your Teaching by Understanding Learning Styles

VIEW Apr 5, 2015
ICMI - The key as a teacher or trainer is to recognize the existence of these learning styles and to adapt. Being cognitive of the engagement or disengagement of your class will let you know if you style of teaching is reaching your group. If not, you have to adapt and switch up the style to positively reach your class. Changing teaching styles throughout a course or training period is where one will see the most return on their teaching investment. As much as it is the students’ responsibility to learn, it is equally the instructor’s responsibility to teach.

WFM: No Longer a Goliath for Small Contact Centers

VIEW Mar 30, 2015
ICMI - Contact centers come in all shapes and sizes. In the battle of the contact center, we will identify the workforce management challenges small contact centers face that make them unique along with suggested solutions that allow them to differentiate, compete, and win along with the larger, more enterprise organizations.

The Workforce Intelligent Contact Center: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

VIEW Mar 9, 2015
ICMI - Contact Centers are complex. Most companies operate many of their functions and applications independently. For example, one team may be handling quality assurance, another handling training, and another team scheduling employees. All while, supervisors manage coaching with their staff, managers are running reports and IT teams managing telecom, contact routing, and IVR messaging.

Apple to Be Replaced Soon?

VIEW Mar 1, 2015
Wall Street Daily - What I like most about inContact is that its growth is organic, and you don’t see that very often... This company could be headed notably higher in the coming weeks.

Gamification Drives Higher Performance

VIEW Feb 18, 2015
Contact Center Pipeline - A growing number of companies are using gamification in the contact center to motivate agents to improve their performance and skills on their own. “We’re finding that these types of performance measurement tools allow agents to take control of their achievements,” says Christina Cowell, product marketing manager, Workforce Optimization at inContact. “Frontline agents become more accountable and proactive to enhance performance and meet and achieve expectations without supervisors needing to watch over them or remind them constantly about goals and performance.”

Elements of an Effective Incentive Program

VIEW Feb 9, 2015
ICMI - Today, managers have greater challenges then years past with retaining employees and keeping them engaged. Many organizations are looking towards effective incenting to assist with other retention initiatives. What consists of an effective incenting program?

Working Closest to the Dollar

VIEW Jan 29, 2015
ICMI - Since the moment I began my recruiting career it was engrained in me to always “Work Closest to the Dollar”. For those who are not familiar with this phrase it simply means focus on the things that matter the most. In the industry of recruiting and talent acquisition this can mean many things, but for me it means only two. Focus on the efforts that reduce the vacancy costs and align with your forecasted budget.

Interviewing in Today’s Contact Center

VIEW Jan 22, 2015
ICMI - If people are the greatest asset of companies, then why do some of us take short cuts when it comes to hiring? Hiring can be time intensive; however I consider it an investment into my business.