New Year, New Customer Experience in the Cloud

VIEW Dec 21, 2017
CRMxchange - ​Regardless of industry, customer experience came into full focus this past year as one of the key differentiators among businesses. An organization’s ability to create personalized, meaningful interactions with their customers was the litmus test for success. With 2018 planning in full swing, businesses are looking for new opportunities to build upon their customer experience strategy. Leveraging unified cloud native technologies, businesses will be enabled to deliver engaging interactions at each journey touchpoint to build long-term relationships. Furthermore, 2018 brings added pressure on businesses to turn their customer service engines into drivers of overall business growth. How will these influences impact businesses in 2018?

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Customer Service

VIEW Dec 17, 2017
Total Retail - ​For consumers, the most wonderful time of the year is here. For retailers, it’s the busiest time — and customer service plays a vital role in the sales process. Contact centers are the backbone of any customer service strategy, and this is never more important than during the holiday season.

Mobile Apps: Customers Love Them, But Businesses Have Work to Do

VIEW Dec 12, 2017
MarTech Advisor - S​tudy conducted by NICE inContact shows discrepancies on how businesses and consumers rate customer service. Businesses need to prioritize mobile apps as one of their top channels to create positive experiences with customers says, Chris Bauserman, VP, Product and Segment Marketing, NICE inContact.

Speed is Leading Indicator of Great Customer Experiences, No Matter the Channel

VIEW Dec 10, 2017
ICMI - ​While the CX Transformation Benchmark Study reveals the emphasis customers place on wanting omnichannel service, it also found that the leading indicator of successful customer service is speed. Customers place resolving issues in the quickest way possible as their top driver of channel performance – whether agent assisted or self-service.

The One Missing Ingredient for Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience

VIEW Nov 30, 2017
Salesforce AppExchange - ​Customer experience (CX) has become the competitive differentiator for all lines of business, and in the process, it is elevating contact centers and customer service teams to boardroom visibility. Winning in today’s customer experience economy is no small feat. Here are some motivators, fresh from the CX battlefield.

When it Comes to Omnichannel Make Sure the Customer is Always Right

VIEW Nov 26, 2017
ICMI - ​While customer experience leaders repeat the mantra ‘the customer is always right,' do you know who doesn’t agree – customers. Because they don’t always know the best channel to choose. The vast majority (87 percent) of consumers expect companies to direct them to the channel that quickly resolves their situation. And, they expect to be able to switch channels seamlessly for fast resolution. But, they are not getting the omnichannel service they expect, and only a minority of businesses are focused on providing such service. Instead, businesses are focused on optimizing individual channels.

Are Businesses Overconfident in Their Omnichannel Customer Experience? Survey Says Yes

VIEW Nov 5, 2017
ICMI - Businesses today know that they need to create an omnichannel customer experience to meet the needs of consumers, who are looking to engage with companies anytime and through any method (i.e., channel), they choose. Many businesses have begun to deploy a strategy to meet these omnichannel customer service demands, and in doing so, believe that they are delivering an excellent service experience.

Study Helps Companies Track Business Priorities and Improve Customer Experience

VIEW Oct 23, 2017
Loyalty360 - ​NICE inContact conducted a ground-breaking study that compares how businesses rate their success across more than 10 customer experience channels versus the actual experience and satisfaction that customers report in those channels. ​Loyalty360 spoke to Chris Bauserman, vice president, segment and product marketing, Nice inContact, about the comprehensive and eye-opening study.

Your Customer Service Isn’t As Good As You Think It Is

VIEW Oct 7, 2017
Forbes - ​Company leaders think their customer service is better than it is. According to a NICE inContact study, consumers rated customer service 17% lower on average than businesses rated their own success in meeting customer needs. “Less than half of consumers are satisfied with their experience, whereas more than half of businesses say they are doing well,” the study found. Shep Hyken provides his view.

Troubleshooting Schedule Anomalies

VIEW Sep 6, 2017
ICMI - ​It’s not always clear why a schedule goes wrong or why some agents get schedules and others don’t. Troubleshooting a schedule run is a similar process no matter which WFM application is being used. This article offers steps on troubleshooting schedules in a WFM application when things don’t go as expected.

3 Mistakes Contact Centers Are Making That Turn Away Millennial Customers

VIEW Aug 29, 2017
Contact Center Pipeline - ​According to a recent inContact survey, the majority of millennials are highly likely to turn their backs on a company after just one poor customer service experience. This means that contact centers face increasing pressure to deliver a seamless, positive experience—every touch of every customer. Failure to do so may likely result in losing that customer forever—with the added possibility that customer experience “miss” is shared via social media, compounding your troubles by turning away other potential customers. It is critical that contact centers take a hard look at their customer experience strategy to ensure they are hitting the right criteria to meet millennial expectations.

Millennials Want to be Treated as People, Not a Case Number

VIEW Aug 27, 2017
ICMI - ​Only a few years ago, the customer service journey was linear. If a customer needed additional information or help with an issue, they’d call a dedicated number, and the customer service representative on the other end would guide them from there. Today, that line has become a web. As the customer experience has evolved to include additional channels such as email, social media, online chat and mobile apps, businesses have been forced to rethink their infrastructure to not only allow for the integration of new channels, but that relevant information and data can flow easily between them.

RingCentral Integrates Contact Center and Unified Communications

VIEW Aug 20, 2017
Ventana Research - ​Customer engagement is undergoing its biggest transformation in decades. Consumers now use a significantly greater number and variety of channels to engage with organizations – everything from phone, email and the corporate website to social media, text messaging, chat, mobile apps and video. This is forcing organizations to change in order not to miss out on business opportunities.

Grab the Remote: Time to Change the (omni)channel

VIEW Aug 9, 2017
ICMI - ​A live agent should be well equipped to handle the situation and ease customer frustrations, but what if the customer isn’t speaking to a live agent? What happens when these emotions run high during an email or social media exchange? Customers want to be in control of the channel they use to initiate service, and customer service leaders are under constant pressure to ‘deflect’ as many interactions as possible to low-cost channels.

NICE InContact Introduces CXone Contact Centre Platform

VIEW Jul 31, 2017
Contact Centres - ​CXone is a fully-integrated and open cloud contact centre platform combining the industry’s leading Omnichannel Routing with the foremost technologies in Workforce Optimization, Analytics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence. The world’s No. 1 cloud customer experience platform is here. NICE have announced today the launch of NICE inContact CXone™, the cloud platform that empowers organizations to provide an exceptional customer experience by acting smarter and responding faster to ever-changing consumer expectations.

CXone: Cloud Powered, Contact Center Approved

VIEW Jul 31, 2017
Contact Center Solutions - ​The customer is king; now making them feel this way can prove more challenging than originally expected. Riding the wave of innovation in artificial intelligence, automation, analytics and workforce optimization this herculean task is far more manageable. And, a new cloud-based contact center solution is set to deliver an all-in-one customer experience platform.

NICE Launches NICE inContact CXone

VIEW Jul 30, 2017
Smart Customer Service - ​“No matter what industry an organization is in, customer service is constantly being compared to other brands and industries. In today’s omnichannel era, this is largely fueled by customer reviews. This has potential for great upside, especially if an organization delivers great customer experience, but certainly means organizations need to focus on delivering exceptional service for every interaction,” says Chris Bauserman, vice president of segment and product marketing at NICE inContact.

NICE inContact Introduces CXone Platform

VIEW Jul 30, 2017
Speech Technology - NICE inContact's announcement of NICE inContact CXone™ is reiterated in Speech Technology magazine: ​CXone also offers real-time interactions routing based on customer intent and employee persona, as well as real-time insight, employee guidance, and Real-Time Authentication.CXone runs on Amazon Web Services and is based on an open, cloud-native foundation. It includes more than 250 application programming interfaces (APIs) and enables integrations with 65 partner solutions as well as customer-specific extensions.

NICE inContact Introduces CXone

VIEW Jul 30, 2017
Call Centre Helper - ​NICE has launched its NICE inContact CXone, the cloud platform that empowers organisations to provide an improved customer experience. CXone provides extensive functionality that meets the needs of organisations of all sizes by combining best-in-class omnichannel routing, workforce optimization, analytics, automation and Artificial Intelligence. ​CXone runs on AWS, utilising microservices, and is based on an open clo​ud-native foundation, which provides full elasticity, rapid turn up and unparalleled reliability. Furthermore, CXone includes hundreds of APIs and enables integrations with dozens of partner solutions as well as customer-specific extensions, creating a broad technology ecosystem that extends its capabilities.​

To Cloud or Not to Cloud-NICE Says Yes!

VIEW Jul 25, 2017
Call Center Times - Dick Bucci, founder and chief analyst for Pelorus Associates, details the benefits for contact centers to move to the cloud and the commitment made by cloud providers. "​NICE’s approach makes sense on many levels. First, no customer is forced to adopt the cloud before they are ready. NICE will continue to support its on-premise portfolio while rounding out the EVOLVE product line with WFO applications specifically designed for cloud deployment. inContact brings over 12 years of cloud experience in both R&D, infrastructure and services. For greenfield customers, or organizations looking to transition to the cloud for all their contact center infrastructure needs the proven inContact platform is an ideal route."

Make Customer Experience a Differentiator - Regardless of What Business You’re In

VIEW Jul 9, 2017
ICMI - ​We’ve all had at least one bad customer experience in our lifetime. If you’ve only had one – you’re among one of the very lucky few. Most of us have experienced the frustrations of poor, disjointed or slow customer service more times than we can count. For some services, it starts to feel like the norm – but it doesn’t have to be.

Conducting Effective Quality Calibrations

VIEW Jun 21, 2017
ICMI - Calibrations should be a part of any relevant quality program, but they are often overlooked or placed on a back burner. Regular calibrations ensure that everyone has the same understanding of what is being measured and validates that responses are consistent from everyone on the team.

How inContact is Redefining the Contact Center Customer Experience

VIEW Jun 14, 2017
Voip Review - Chris Bauserman, the Vice President of Segment and Product Marketing at inContact, a global leader in cloud contact center software, shares with why contact centers are crucial to delivering great customer experiences and highlights the various ways that inContact is helping organizations transform the customer experience into a business-driving competitive advantage.

FedRAMP Sponsors First Cloud Contact Center Solution for Government

VIEW Jun 14, 2017
Workforce Optimization - If any organization required a boost in efficiency, it’s the United States government... Today, NICE inContact announced that it is the first cloud contact center provider to garner sponsorship for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

Are We Overestimating Artificial Intelligence?

VIEW Jun 14, 2017
CMS Wire - "The answer is in integrating AI with traditional, conversational communications customer experience. There is no replacement for empathy, and human interaction will always be a key element for a positive customer experience in the contact center." - Rajeev Shrivastava, CSO at inContact

Give Customers What They Want: Fast Action and Human Interaction

VIEW May 30, 2017
ICMI - Eight out of ten of customers will consider switching to a competitor due to poor customer service. With the hype of artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies that help make customer service organizations more efficient, it can be easy to lose sight of what really matters: delivering a great customer experience at every opportunity.