Cloud Native vs. Hosted: Organizational Impact

VIEW Dec 25, 2018
No Jitter - ​Contact center leaders who are looking to move their customer experience applications from on-premises technology to the cloud generally go for two main options: cloud native or cloud hosted. In my my previous No Jitter post, I looked at the basic differences between these two approaches, including where each can be beneficial depending upon specific business needs. But how do differences between cloud-native and cloud-hosted applications play out within different organizations -- namely IT, operations, and finance?

51 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictions For 2018

VIEW Nov 27, 2018
Forbes - ​AI will play an enhanced, proactive role in enabling exceptional customer experience in 2018, where fast and accurate resolution is key. Today, AI in the self-service space (e.g. chatbots) helps provide fast service for transactional or traditionally self-service resolved issues. 2018 will bring AI’s proactive, context-inclusive handoff of chat sessions to live agents, enabling quicker and more complete resolution of more complex customer needs—Chris Bauserman, VP Segment & Product Marketing, NICE inContact.

Vera Bradley Sees Results with Text Solution for Customer Care

VIEW Nov 25, 2018
MultichannelMerchant - ​High-end handbag, luggage and accessories seller Vera Bradley was looking for a way to enhance the customer experience by adding texting as a contact channel, after realizing shoppers might have already been trying to send texts to customer service numbers.

Privacy vs. Personalization: What Every Contact Center Manager Needs to Know

VIEW Nov 12, 2018
ICMI - ​In today’s customer experience economy, personalized interactions are a leading differentiator in creating meaningful touchpoints between you and your customers. Purchase history, channel preferences, communication style – the more you can demonstrate you know each customer and tailor the conversation accordingly, the more likely you are to create a lifelong brand advocate.

Cloud Native vs. Hosted: Pros and Cons

VIEW Nov 7, 2018
noJitter - ​As more businesses move away from traditional legacy on-premises systems, the cloud is setting a new standard for how IT professionals manage and deploy new applications. There is, however, an ongoing discussion over how to best leverage the cloud. In one camp is cloud native: solutions built from the ground up specifically to leverage the cloud. In the other camp is cloud hosted: where a third party hosts company applications on dedicated servers.

NICE inContact Named to Magic Quadrant Again

VIEW Oct 21, 2018
Workforce Optimization - ​Victory is earned. Each sale, positive interaction and happy customer is a victory. Some larger than others, but all fall in the win column. In the contact center, possessing a winner record is the result of putting the right people, technology and processes in place. Our omnichannel world demands more from the contact center than ever before so choose its components wisely.

NICE inContact Named a Leader in CCaaS Gartner Magic Quadrant

VIEW Oct 17, 2018
Contact Center World - ​NICE inContact, a NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) business, has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service, North America report. NICE inContact achieved the highest overall position for its ability to execute.

Vast Majority of Consumers Prefer Live Service Agents, Study Finds

VIEW Oct 17, 2018
destinationCRM - ​A recent study from NICE InContact found that despite advances in artificial intelligence (AI), the overwhelming majority—90 percent—of consumers prefer to interact with a human customer service agent instead of with a chatbot or virtual assistant. The study—which surveyed more than 2,400 consumers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia—also found that 91 percent want to be informed immediately if they are interacting with a chatbot or virtual assistant rather than with a live agent. Furthermore, 79 percent said that chatbots and virtual agents need to get smarter before they would be willing to use them regularly.

NICE inContact Unveils CX Survey Results

VIEW Oct 15, 2018
Workforce Optimization - ​Digital transformation is a wholesale notion. Beginning with a mindset at the top, trickling down through each department, and providing the end result of a digital-first modern organization. In the contact center, this change is in a decidedly omnichannel direction. It’s important to keep tabs on the change taking place, and recent research shed some light on the matter.

Consumers Now Seek Omnichannel Customer Services from Businesses

VIEW Oct 15, 2018
Loyalty360 - ​NICE inContact announced findings from a global research study that measures real-world consumer experiences, including most recent service interaction, satisfaction, and loyalty across communication channels. This survey reveals that use of digital channels is gaining ground, with email doubling and chat tripling among US consumers. This makes omnichannel service a must in today’s competitive experience economy.

NICE inContact Integrates CXone with Salesforce Live Agent

VIEW Sep 25, 2018
Smart Customer Service - ​NICE inContact has launched NICE inContact CXone support for intelligent routing of omnichannel customer interactions natively in Live Agent and delivery of enhanced workforce optimization (WFO) within the user interface. Through the integration, CXone helps agents handle omnichannel customer interactions and access WFO functionality from within the familiar Salesforce agent user interface.

AI Chatbot Helps TechStyle Save More Than $1M

VIEW Sep 9, 2018
Total Retail - ​TechStyle has implemented NICE inContact's CXone AI Self-Service Solution, including integrated SmartAction Omni-bot, which has helped to improve the fashion subscription retailer's operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and reduce operational costs.

Three Ways Your Contact Center Can Make or Break Your Brand Promise

VIEW Sep 9, 2018
ICMI - ​Research by Forrester shows that “Customer experience leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards, drive higher brand preference, and can charge more for their products.” (The US Customer Experience Index, 2018; Forrester Research, Inc., June 19, 2018). Traditionally, businesses have focused on creating the most high-quality and low-cost products. In today’s environment, however, without the ability to match it with equally high-quality service, customers will go running to your competitors. In fact, eight in 10 customers are willing to switch companies due to poor customer service.

Building the Business Case For Customer Experience (CX)

VIEW Aug 16, 2018
Contact Center World - ​There’s little question as to the impact customer experience can have in driving business success. A study conducted by NICE inContact found that 70 percent of today's consumers are willing to pay more for a product or service that has an excellent customer service reputation.

6 Ways Smart Routing Can Build Lifelong Loyalty

VIEW Aug 12, 2018
Smart Customer Service - ​The most memorable consumer experiences are often formed from the unique relationship between the business and the customer. I'm unflinchingly loyal to my neighborhood cafe. Every Saturday they personalize my breakfast taco order with a spicy kick, yet my oldest daughter will have her weekly no-frills quesadilla. Through their understanding of me as an individual, my preferences, and my priorities they've made me a customer for life.

Is your contact centre missing the latest evolution of Cloud Computing?

VIEW Jul 23, 2018
Director's Club Newswire - ​If you thought the cloud wasn’t going to be a concern for your contact centre, think again! Every business is moving to the cloud, and it’s just a matter of time before this becomes the norm. Today the term “cloud computing” is widely understood and the technology continues to evolve with better performance and security, and more services and features than ever before. The cloud has now simply become an integral part of our everyday lives. This isn’t just true in for consumer services, the cloud is helping businesses become more agile and more responsive to their customers.

Want to Delight Millennials? Start with Your Omnichannel Strategy

VIEW Jul 22, 2018
Contact Center World - ​Millennials are masters of navigating the interconnected nature of online experiences – they grew up alongside web and mobile. For this digitally native cohort, adaptation to new channels comes naturally – jumping between web, mobile and voice with little to no effort. They expect businesses to be equally adaptable and fluid. For contact centers, the key to delighting millennials is delivering convenience through fast, truly omnichannel experiences; quickly adapting in order to deliver on new approaches; and delivery of an authentic, personalized approach through all channels and brand touchpoints.

How AI Is Impacting the Voice of the Customer Landscape

VIEW Jul 16, 2018
CMSWire - ​Chris Bauserman, VP of product and segment marketing for NICE inContact tells us what you should be thinking about when bringing AI into VoC programs, and how it is changing the playing field now and in the future. Chris tells us we need to ask ourselves three questions when it comes to data collection and analysis.

Want to Increase Customer Lifetime Value? Look to the Contact Center

VIEW Jul 16, 2018
Contact Center World - Contact centers are the powerhouse to drive exceptional customer experience all through the customer lifecycle, from acquisition, growth and retention to advocacy. Here are some insights into the impact that contact centers have in helping businesses achieve the ultimate goal of gaining and keeping customer advocates for life.

How Customer Experience Can Drive Topline and Bottomline Growth

VIEW Jul 9, 2018
Contact Center Pipeline - ​With this rise of the customer experience economy, brands are increasingly finding that while products can be knocked off, experiences cannot. Establishing long-term relationships based on a cohesive collection of individualized interactions are now the building blocks to significant revenue streams. Meaningful, engaging customer experiences can make a sizeable difference in both topline and bottomline growth—especially for brands that fail to deliver on the new benchmark for customer experience. In fact, in the NICE InContact CX Transformation Benchmark Study, over 80% of customers state they’d be willing to switch to a competitor after one bad experience.

Five Ways To Win In The Digital Customer Experience Economy

VIEW Jul 8, 2018
Forbes - Shep Hyken connected with our CEO Paul Jarman, who his views on new strategies in the modern age of the Experience Economy and how contact and support centers can embrace technology to create a better experience for the customer in this new article.

The Complete Contact Centre Transformation

VIEW Jun 20, 2018
Customer Experience Magazine - For most companies, transformation of the contact centre, therefore, becomes instrumental. There are two sides to the equation – what the customers want and what contact centre representatives need to be fully engaged and empowered to provide great experiences. To get the transformation started, you’ll want to consider these best- practices to get started and to assess where you are today and what areas you want to work on.

Top KPIs to Win in the Customer Experience Economy

VIEW Jun 18, 2018
Contact Center World - ​The experience economy has arrived, and with it comes new priorities for consumers beyond product features. Price and product are no longer considered key differentiators; customer experience has become a critical factor to a brand’s success. Customers are no longer just looking for the right service at the right time – they are looking for proactive service that is engaging, immersive and leads them to the next best action. With the experience economy, comes the need for all businesses to rethink how they attract, retain and grow their customers through positive and engaging experience. In this article, we will dive into some of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that drive enhanced customer experience, specifically in the contact center.

Reaching Millennials Through Authentic Omnichannel Experiences

VIEW May 29, 2018
Contact Center Pipeline - ​As the first generation raised on the internet, millennials’ experience with technology has rewritten the playbook on how to create unique and exceptional customer experiences. They matured alongside web and mobile, so adaptation to new channels and communicating across these channels seamlessly is second nature—and they expect businesses to be equally adaptable and fluid.

NICE inContact CXone Going Strong

VIEW May 22, 2018
No Jitter - ​NICE and NICE inContact last week held their annual user/analyst/partner event, Interactions, in Orlando, Fla. It was the second annual event since NICE acquired inContact in late 2016, and signs of a successful integration were evident in strategic alignment, product updates, and, most importantly, enterprise sales success that exceeded expectations.

How TechStyle Used Cloud and AI to Boost Growth and Lower Costs

VIEW May 16, 2018
ICMI - ​Today, contact center leaders who embrace the cloud are quick to see its benefits – powering engaging customer experiences while positively impacting business outcomes. In an environment where customer expectations are rapidly evolving, and flexibility is key to survival, cloud platforms have set new standards for engagement and satisfaction. As contact centers continue to become drivers of business growth, there are significant quantitative and qualitative results to consider.