Promoting a digital-first mentality throughout the contact center

VIEW Dec 3, 2019
Customer Think - For the past decade, contact centers have been focused on cutting costs to keep bottom lines healthy – a support function, not a growth driver. But increasingly, due to the rise of digital-natives like Millennials and Generation Z, consumers are demanding that brands overhaul their approach to customer service and communication. Customers want to engage with organizations through the digital channels they love like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, or save time by using chatbots. As the frontline of any customer experience strategy, contact centers are now charged with leading the shift toward digital.

Three trends to watch in CX for 2020

VIEW Dec 2, 2019
BizReport - The customer experience continues to be an integral part of brands' strategy, but providing a solid customer experience remains a struggle for some. Here are three ways brands may improve their CX strategy in 2020.

Three Major Predictions for the 2020 Contact Center

VIEW Dec 1, 2019
Contact Center Pipeline - As customer experience continues to stand out as the leading brand differentiator, the contact center remains a vital resource in brand success. During times of uncertainty contact centers can reduce costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction, and during times of growth it can push the organization even further ahead. Ahead of the New Year, here are the top three 2020 predictions to keep in mind for planning.

With Gamification, Contact Centers Can Be Fun

VIEW Nov 25, 2019
Destination CRM - It’s no secret that contact center agents can have thankless jobs. They spend their days dealing with other people’s problems, and satisfying customer demands is constantly becoming more difficult. The workflow often varies dramatically. The hours can be challenging. The pay is usually modest. The rapid pace of technological evolution means they need to continuously update their skills. And a pat on the back or words of encouragement might not come often enough.

How agents can stay relevant during digitalisation

VIEW Nov 20, 2019
MyCustomer - Like most industries, contact centres and the agents they employ are having to adapt to the rise of digital. More and more customers today are choosing to interact with contact centres through digital channels – such as social media, chatbots and messaging – and businesses have responded to this trend. More than two-thirds (67%) now offer online chat with a live representative and 59% offer communication through social media, both of which have increased in prominence over the last 12 months. With technology playing a greater role on both sides of the contact centre, what does the ongoing move towards digital customer interactions mean for agents?

NICE inContact Ups the Bar with WFO

VIEW Oct 29, 2019
No Jitter - NICE inContact, the reigning leader in the contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) market, according Gartner’s recently released CCaaS Magic Quadrant for North America, used the backdrop of this week’s ICMI fall conference for contact center professionals to highlight two elements of the Fall 2019 software update for its CXone platform.

3 Tips to Better Handle the Holiday Rush

VIEW Oct 17, 2019
ICMI - Given customer experience’s (CX) role as a competitive differentiator, contact centers need a strategy in place now that prepares agents with the skills they need to power exceptional experiences, both over the phone and increasing through digital messaging. With the holiday season around the corner, here are three top tips for getting your agents – both seasonal and permanent – ready for the winter rush.

Working Up the CX Maturity Curve

VIEW Oct 3, 2019
SMART Customer Service - Companies today are operating in an experience economy, where customer experience (CX) serves as the number one competitive differentiator. Traditional indicators of industry leaders, such as product, innovation, and price, fail to create the lasting emotional connections that yield customers for life, so getting CX right is a high priority. It's a challenge many businesses are willing to tackle head on. Forrester Research's U.S. Customer Experience Index revealed that 14 percent of companies significantly improved their CX Index scores over the past year.

4 Key Findings From a New Customer Experience Study

VIEW Sep 24, 2019
Call Centre Helper - The 2019 NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark gauges the attitudes of businesses and consumers in key areas of customer experience.

This latest report on the business wave of the study provides insights on contact centre technology investment plans amidst changing customer needs, and points to the need for businesses to move beyond multichannel offerings and create true seamless omnichannel customer experiences powered by a complete cloud customer experience platform.

How Embracing Digital Customer Service Can Create Brand Advocates

VIEW Sep 3, 2019
Contact Center Pipeline - Rapid swings in consumer brand loyalty is one of the most significant consequences of the digital-first era in customer service, where customer-brand conversations are no longer only one-to-one phone calls but also include public and private messages on dozens of social and digital messaging apps. This opens exciting new possibilities for both your business—and your competitors. When experiences and feedback can be so easily shared via social media, positive interactions and exceptional service can build momentum and create a community of brand advocates that are unflinchingly loyal. In fact, this year’s NICE inContact CX Transformation Benchmark study found that 83% of customers who have exceptional experiences are more willing to recommend that company on social media. But in contrast, one wrong step can be disastrous for brand stability and growth. Eighty-one percent (81%) who have a bad customer service experience say they are very likely to switch to a competitor.

Why your contact centre needs to embrace the cloud computing revolution

VIEW Aug 29, 2019
Global Banking & Finance Review - There’s a lot to be said about how migrating to the cloud enables contact centres to enhance their operations in a multitude of ways. Whatever the size of the organisation or industry, cloud solutions can benefit the bottom line, drive enhanced customer experiences and ease the burden on IT. 

Artificial Intelligence at the Core of NICE inContacts Portfolio

VIEW Aug 19, 2019
UC Today - Presenter Patrick is joined by Chris Bauserman, who is Vice President for Segment and Product Marketing at NICE inContact. Chris was one of the keynote speakers during this year’s Interactions conference and one of his main focuses’ was relaying the importance of artificial intelligence, AI, technology to NICE inContact. NICE inContact is leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, ML, throughout its portfolio and Chris explains how this benefits NICE inContact’s customers.

5 Expectations of Modern Customers

VIEW Aug 4, 2019
Contact Center World - Businesses today are chasing a moving goal post – exceptional customer experiences. Modern customers apply a single standard to rank companies based on the experience they receive -- no matter the type of company or the interactions channels. In that sense, every company is now a competitor looking to differentiate with great customer experience. Contact centers, therefore, need to keep a close pulse on customer expectations in order to ensure they’re delivering best-in-class experiences.

Is It Time For A CX Reality Check

VIEW Jul 30, 2019
Forbes - In the customer experience economy, everyone is a competitor. Customers extrapolate from outstanding experiences they have with certain companies and apply that same high standard to all others — regardless of industry or value proposition. Today there’s little delineation between ordering a set of headphones online or purchasing new software for a global enterprise. The majority of organizations are forced to chase the very best of customer experience (CX) leaders in order to remain competitive. This has resulted in a CX revolution, where companies are investing in new technologies and reshuffling entire organizations to become experience-centric.

Avoid the Accidental Contact Center for Sustainable Growth

VIEW Jul 28, 2019
SMART Customer Service - Every new business is unique. Whether it is the product or service they offer or an innovative office culture, the founding ethos for every start up is that they're offering something that is in some way unavailable elsewhere. That said, at a macro level, most tend to follow a similar trajectory where they develop an offering, secure funding, expand the customer-base, and, ideally, reach sustainable growth. In many cases, that final stage—sustainable growth— is much harder to achieve than anticipated. This is especially true for new businesses that experience early, exponential growth.

How Objectivity About New Technology Is Key To Delivering A Leading Customer Experience

VIEW Jul 28, 2019
Forbes - At the beginning of May NICE inContact released its second annual, global research study that investigated the changing attitudes of contact center leaders and customers regarding customer experience. The report called the 2019 NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark, surveyed more than 900 contact center decision makers in the US, UK, and Australia.

The Cloud Question: Native or Hosted?

VIEW Jul 28, 2019
Information Week - Before making the cloud decision, IT leaders need the facts and the criteria to choose the option that's best for their business, operational and financial goals.

The Emotional Customer Experience

VIEW Jul 25, 2019
Amazing Business Radio - The experience economy has changed dramatically over time. Today, who we choose to do business with has much more to do with emotion than with products, technology, or even price point. The companies that differentiate themselves through their service are the ones that stand out and succeed.

How to Create a Digital-First Omnichannel Agent Experience

VIEW Jul 23, 2019
CustomerThink - In our digital era, it seems each day brings a new way to connect and communicate. From the proliferation of text, chat, and messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, today’s consumers expect to interact with companies via a variety of digital channels, in addition to voice. It isn’t enough, however, to simply offer these channels – they need to work together in a single, seamless ecosystem where movement between channels is effortless.

Making AI Work in the Contact Center

VIEW Jul 16, 2019
Contact Center Pipeline - In the late 2000s, right around when videosharing platforms were really coming into their own, there was a curious trend among marketing executives. “Viral videos” captured the zeitgeist, and every brand decided they needed to have one—even if they didn’t fully understand what made a clip “go viral” or how to be strategic with its use. They simply needed to have one and the rest would figure itself out. The same trend is often true for innovative and game-changing technology solutions.

How to Create a Digital-first Onichannel Agent Experience

VIEW Jul 2, 2019
ICMI - In our digital era, it seems each day brings a new way to connect and communicate. From the proliferation of text, chat, and messaging apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, today’s consumers expect to interact with companies via a variety of digital channels, in addition to voice. It isn’t enough, however, to simply offer these channels – they need to work together in a single, seamless ecosystem where movement between channels is effortless.

NICE InContact Packs CXone with Tons of AI Features

VIEW Jun 23, 2019
CRMBuyer — NICE inContact released the Spring 2019 version of its CXone cloud-based contact center software with multiple artificial intelligence-powered updates for smarter customer and agent engagement plus enhanced customer relationship management integrations.

Swipe Right for Quick, Effortless Customer Experience

VIEW Jun 23, 2019
Forbes — Social networks such as Facebook make it easier to plan events or stay in touch with friends. Money transfer apps like Venmo improve how we split checks when dining out. And then there are dating applications, which use complex algorithms to match individuals with similar likes, interests and hobbies, making meaningful connections just a swipe away. It’s a model that can be replicated on the business-to-business level as brands strive to foster deeper connections with customers.

NICE InContact Continues to Stress Partners’ Role

VIEW Jun 23, 2019
Smart Customer Service — NICE inContact wants to provide its customers with end-to-end contact center resources, but that doesn't mean it makes sense to develop all of the different elements itself, says Praful Singhal, NICE inContact's's principal ecosystem partner advocate. Instead, NICE inContact works with a growing selection of partners who have their own artificial intelligence apps, web/mobile apps, CRM extensions, agent extensions, workflow solutions, and other applications.

Contact Centre Leaders Continue to Overestimate Their CX Success

VIEW Jun 23, 2019
Engage Customer — The findings of a global research study that gauges the changing attitudes of business contact centre leaders and consumers in key areas of customer experience finds they are overestimating their cx success. The 2019 NICE inContact Customer Experience Transformation Benchmark, business wave, polled contact centre leaders in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The report compares global findings to the 2018 consumer wave of the study, and includes year-over-year findings for the U.S.

Break the Catch 22: 3 Tips to Delight Customers and Avoid Detractors

VIEW Jun 23, 2019
CustomerThink — Social media has a tremendous power to create legions of brand advocates or destroy all good will, seemingly overnight. For example, fast food brand Wendy’s has earned a cult following through its online tongue-in-cheek commentary and customer engagement. On the other end of the spectrum, 2017’s Fyre Festival — a brand built entirely on selling the high-end, luxurious experience — was toppled by a customer tweeting a single photo of a cheese and tomato sandwich. In the digital era, customer interactions that go viral can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

4 Ways to Counter Contact Center Attrition

VIEW Jun 23, 2019
Smart Customer Service — As front-line team players for any organization's customer experience strategy, there's a lot of pressure on contact center agents to deliver seamless, consistently engaging interactions to customers. Their importance cannot be understated. Yet, as a job classification, contact center agents produce a perennially high attrition rate. Between agent burnout, lack of access to modern contact center software, and perceived limited opportunities for career growth, attracting and maintaining a top-notch staff can be difficult.

NICE Acquires Brand Embassy

VIEW Jun 23, 2019
No Jitter — NICE inContact announced that it has acquired Brand Embassy, a company based in Prague that’s the brainchild of two young Czech entrepreneurs who in 2011 identified a market opportunity in the disconnection between social media and customer service. Today, Brand Embassy delivers an omnichannel cloud-based customer service platform providing integrated social media, messaging, live chat, and AI-powered chatbot service.

NICE inContact Announces Latest CXone Innovations

VIEW Jun 23, 2019
Loyalty360 — Selecting the right technology to manage customer data can be difficult. A brand needs to understand the exact features it requires to be able to adopt the proper solution. Recently, Loyalty360 spoke with Chris Bauserman, Vice President of Segment and Product Marketing at NICE inContact, to discuss one of his company’s AI-powered solutions: CXone Packages for Salesforce.