Contact Centre Onboarding How to Create a Great First Impression

VIEW Jun 16, 2020
Call Centre Helper - It’s well established that the agent experience (AX) is a key component of any successful contact centre. A positive agent experience leads to increased engagement, promotes agent loyalty and reduces attrition – all of which have a long-term impact on the customer experience.

Turn Window Shoppers Into Loyal Customers with Digital

VIEW Jun 8, 2020
TotalRetail - Customer experience without digital is pure window dressing. NICE inContact’s Chris Bauserman has data that demonstrates why retailers must start meeting customers across their favorite channels through omnichannel functionality. 

Engage Customer

VIEW May 29, 2020
Engage Customer - Today our Editorial Director Steve Hurst is joined by Koby Amedume, International Marketing Director at NICE inContact. Koby is an exceptionally focused marketing director and leader with considerable experience across UK, EMEA, APAC and LATAM. Koby’s an expert across a wide range of marketing disciplines (from Digital Marketing, Demand Gen, Analyst and Media Relations), and is action orientated with a strong reputation for delivering results and building high performing teams. Skilled in creating effective metrics driven marketing strategy, customer acquisition, media communications & marketing programmes to drive revenue.

Companies Fast Tracking Move to the Cloud Amidst COVID19

VIEW May 29, 2020

callcentre helper - NICE inContact has released the results of a survey conducted in April 2020, showing the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on contact centres over the last weeks.

Moreover, the expert for CCaaS asked contact centre decision-makers which trends they recognize will shape the future work in the contact centre.

3 Signs That Instantly Identify a Boss With Great Leadership Skills

VIEW May 27, 2020

Inc. -  A global crisispresents unique opportunities for leaders to pivot and meet new demands. Luckily, the best leaders continue to rise up and model the behaviors we clearly need now, and will need in a post-pandemic era. 

I've featured scores of them in previous articles and podcasts: They model altruistic behaviors to inspire and motivate people, communicate with certainty and confidence, and act with care and compassion to bring people together to produce results.

Contact Centers Value AX Its Time Contact Center Executives Do Too

VIEW May 14, 2020
customer THINKExperience is the oxygen of organizational success. On one hand, you have customers, who hold businesses to the highest standard when it comes to every point of contact with your business. On the other hand are your contact centers, agents – who work with your customers nearly every minute of every day. Despite this, if customer experience (CX) and agent experience (AX) are two sides of the same coin, rarely does the C-Suite treat them equally in practice.

RingCentral and NICE inContact Join Forces

VIEW Apr 28, 2020
UC Today - Leading cloud communications company, RingCentral, and NICE inContact, an expert in cloud contact centre technology, have announced that they’re now working together on a new solution. The two cloud-focused companies have created a special offer designed to support businesses that need to rapidly transition their entire workforce into a remote environment. Since the rise of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, companies around the world have been forced to transition their entire communication strategy into a work from home landscape. This includes moving contact centres out of the traditional office too.

Advice from a Call Center Geek

VIEW Apr 24, 2020
Advice From a Call Center Geek - In this conversion, we talk not just about COVID-19 in the call center space, but a behind the scenes look at what NICE inContact has done not just to provide customers with continuity, but the actions they have taken internally with their global support centers.

WFO Bridges the Customer and Agent Experience

VIEW Apr 23, 2020
no jitter - Today, every piece of information needs to work together seamlessly. A comprehensive understanding of disparate metrics helps brands and employees stay ahead of evolving needs. Otherwise, they risk stagnation. This philosophy has driven a renaissance in customer experience (CX), with more and more businesses relying on it as core differentiator. In fact, research firm Gartner found that 74% of leaders expected a budget increase for CX initiatives this year.

Empowering Humans to Be Human

VIEW Apr 7, 2020
ShepHyken - Shep Hyken interviews Vit Horky. They discuss his book, Customer Service in the Transhuman Age, and ways AI and other tech can support customer service agents.

Contact Centers Value AX. It's Time Contact Center Executives Do, Too.

VIEW Apr 1, 2020
ICMI - Experience is the oxygen of organizational success. On one hand, you have customers, who hold businesses to the highest standard when it comes to every point of contact with your business. On the other hand are your contact centers, agents – who work with your customers nearly every minute of every day. Despite this, if customer experience (CX) and agent experience (AX) are two sides of the same coin, rarely does the C-Suite treat them equally in practice.

Transform Your CX from Good to Great by Treating Your Agents Right

VIEW Mar 3, 2020
Contact Center Pipeline - Sitting on the front lines of the contact center, agents are the personification of your brand. They provide the human-to-human connection that makes lasting impressions and supports more engaging customer experiences (CX). But, while CX continues to play an outsized role as a competitive differentiator, best-in-class contact centers are increasingly replicating the same type of customer-centricity to the agent experience. Contact centers make significant investments in process and technology to power seamless, effective engagements with customers. However, without also focusing on reduction of agent friction their ability to bring those exceptional customer experience to life can fall flat.

4 Customer Service AI Applications That Work Today

VIEW Mar 1, 2020
CRM Buyer - The concept of artificial intelligence improving emotional intelligence might sound like a paradox. A coded algorithm is not the most natural supplement to human empathy, after all. However, customer experience (CX) leaders understand that AI-powered technologies can transform the way businesses understand core audiences.

Want to Accelerate Your CX? Look at the Agent Experience

VIEW Feb 13, 2020
customer THINK - In the Experience Economy, brands survive and thrive on their relationship with customers. Long-term growth hinges on exceeding rapidly growing expectations, and meeting core audiences across a growing list of digital channels. That said, best-in-class experience strategies do not rest entirely on strategies for customers themselves – they are but one-half of the equation. Equally as important are contact center agents, who sit on the front line as powerful brand ambassadors. If agents don’t have the tools and training to be the best resources to customers, how can customer experience (CX) be effective?

Embracing private mobile messaging in customer service

VIEW Feb 5, 2020
CUSTOMER - The importance of meeting and exceeding customer expectations is crucial to being successful in business. With customer demographics constantly evolving, it’s vital for businesses to keep up with changing demands and attitudes to understand what really matters in the customer experience journey.

Three Major Predictions for the 2020 Contact Center

VIEW Jan 22, 2020

Contact Center Pipeline - In today’s highly dynamic digital economy, there is no set safeguard against uncertainty. We live in an era where a single tweet or photo can completely reshape a brand’s perception—for better or worse. And at the same time, businesses are striving to meet and exceed a moving goal post of customer preferences, influenced by a wide array of competitors.

But it isn’t just shifting customer expectations that’s concerning contact center leaders—it’s also economic uncertainty just as businesses are entering 2020 planning. It begs the question, how can contact centers ensure sustainable growth through CX when there are so many unpredictable variables in store during the coming year?

It's Time For Businesses To Communicate Like People

VIEW Jan 21, 2020
Forbes - Between texts, messaging apps and other forms of social media, the web of communication people use to connect with their friends and family around the world is growing ever wider. There’s an effortless navigation of channels, especially among digital natives like millennials and members of Generation Z, that’s reshaping the very way interpersonal connections are built and maintained.
As technology continues to infuse itself throughout our personal lives, it’s having an irreversible effect on the way we view consumer-to-brand communication. But why do we as business owners and entrepreneurs often lag behind consumer trends? Why don’t we talk like consumers to consumers?

Where Voice Experiences Fit in Customer Service

VIEW Jan 14, 2020

CMS WiRE- As companies look to provide customers with better customer experience (CX), an increasing number are turning to voice solutions to provide quicker and better service in their contact centers.

The popularity of voice response has grown thanks in large part to the commercialization of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and similar technologies as well as customers' desire to contact companies while driving or at other times when using touchtone interfaces aren’t possible, said speech technology consultant and DMG Consulting CEO, Donna Fluss.

Three Reasons to Transition to a Cloud-based Contact Centre

VIEW Jan 10, 2020
UCTODAY In 2019, cloud technology is an enterprise mainstay, deployed in hundreds of different contexts. Recent research shows that 96 percent of organisations are using cloud computing in some form or fashion.

For contact centres, cloud is being deployed to not only address the increasing customer expectations, but also to achieve greater business agility, in turn empowering the entire landscape from IT to the agents. Moving from on-premises to cloud contact centre technology provides greater flexibility, scalability and efficiency.

Channels Collide as Physical and Digital Converge

VIEW Jan 9, 2020

destination CRM - Cusotmers today communicate with companies, and vice versa, over more channels than ever, with a variety of options—social media, text, email, mobile, the Web, telephone, and even in-store—all being part of the mix. It’s not uncommon for a single interaction to take place over more than one channel.

In fact, omnichannel itself is the critical channel of choice, but preferences go much deeper than that: Consumers want to be able communicate with companies via a blend of both digital and physical channels, recent research from the CMO Council found.