Three Rules for Adapting Agents to the Omnichannel Experience

VIEW Mar 16, 2021
ICMI - Nobody excels at everything. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and the best of us know how to navigate those skills and work them to our advantage. It’s no different in the contact center, particularly as agents are tasked with learning a diverse set of customer service channels.

Solving Today's CX Challenges to Prepare for Tomorrow's

VIEW Feb 26, 2021
CustomerThink - More often than not, digital investments can have a wide range of unanticipated benefits. That’s because in many cases, business leaders are unaware of the hidden and undetected obstacles that await them, and how modernizing their contact center can proactively solve for problems about to be discovered.

3 Ways to Drive Contact Centre Success

VIEW Feb 10, 2021
Call Centre Helper - Unprecedented, unpredictable and unforgettable – 2020 was certainly a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the business landscape as consumers changed their buying habits and businesses pivoted to survive.

Turning Disruption into Opportunity

VIEW Feb 2, 2021
Contact Center Pipeline - For contact centers, the proverbial genie is out of the bottle. While the development and distribution of effective COVID-19 vaccines has put the global economy on track toward normalcy, the way contact centers operate—and the art of the possible—has been altered permanently

Contact Centers Prepare for Change and Growth in 2021

VIEW Jan 29, 2021
Contact Center World - I'm sure most of us want to bury the year 2020 and never think or talk about it again. The pandemic lockdowns altered the business landscape as consumers changed their buying habits, businesses pivoted to survive, and so many companies permanently shut their doors.

SMB Customer Service Graduates to Customer Experience

VIEW Jan 22, 2021
Business 2 Community - The evolution of customer service has been relatively incremental over the years. Without question, there have been some ground-breaking innovations that have exponentially changed the way companies interact with customers – digital channels and self-service tools immediately come to mind. But for most small businesses, the maturation process has been steady, always seeming on the cusp of real transformation.

Digitisation & Agility Take Centre Stage in 2021

VIEW Jan 8, 2021
My Customer - It’s clear that 2020 has been a year of continuous and unprecedented upheaval for contact centres of all sizes. Customer expectations and employee experiences – along with many operational models – have been irreversibly changed by the Covid-19 pandemic. So what will the new year look like?