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Overview Auto Dialer Software

  • Maximize Agent Productivity
  • Dial Number Lists Automatically
  • Reduce Agent Errors
  • Optimize Outbound Communications
  • Increase Sales

Using an auto dialer for your contact center’s outbound calls can be efficient and cost-effective. Auto dialers automatically dial a list of phone numbers and connect the call to an agent when a live person answers. Auto dialers helps your agents be more productive, since calls can be made quickly. Errors are also reduced, because phone numbers aren’t dialed manually.

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  • Progressive Dialers

    Make calls in a one to one fashion, meaning one call is made for each agent. It’s beneficial for enhancing agent productivity without the risk of abandoning. It’s particularly well-suited for business-to-business campaigns.

  • Preview Dialing Software

    Preview Dialing is a type of progressive dialing that allows the agent to preview contact information, such as name, company name, industry, company size, etc., before accepting or declining the call. It’s particularly well-suited for business-to-business campaigns.

  • Robocalling

    This is a type of calling that is doing in an agentless environment where a pre-recorded message is played once a live person or answering machine/voicemail is reached.

  • Predictive Dialers

    Out of all variations of dialers, predictive dialers maximize agent productivity by placing multiple calls per agent. The auto dialing pace is carefully balanced by taking into account the number of agents, list characteristics, and any legal regulations that must be followed.

  • Dialing Methods

    With our auto dialer software, you can select the dialing method that meets the needs of your campaign including predictive, progressive, preview or agentless dialing. And you’ll always get great auto dialing performance while maintaining compliance with government regulations.

  • Dialer Integration

    The inContact auto dialer software also integrates with other systems, like your CRM. This gives agents quick access to useful information about customers and prospects, such as their purchase history, that goes beyond the basic information in a dialing record. This results in more positive call outcomes and higher satisfaction rates.

  • Low Abandon Rates

    Your call abandon rate must be less than 3 percent when using an automated telephone dialing system. inContact’s auto dialer software provides many options for meeting this requirement isn’t exceeded by carefully managing the number of calls made in conjunction with the number of available agents.

  • Dialer Compliance

    Explicit permission to call or text cell phones, outlined under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), is required when using an automated telephone dialing system (ATDS). With telephone portability, it’s often difficult to know if you’re calling or texting a cell phone and possibly in violation of this regulation. inContact’s auto dialer software, in conjunction with our partner, Gryphon Networks, can perform real-time verification of every phone number against a database to determine if you have permission to call.

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