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Overview Blended Predictive Dialer

  • Inbound-to-outbound and outbound-to-inbound blending
  • Progressive, predictive, preview and message lay-down dialing
  • Complies with government regulations
  • Intelligent call suppression
  • Agent scripting available
  • Multi-number predictive dialing
  • Cloud auto dialer technology for blended contact centers

Easily tackle fluctuating call volumes with our dynamic, Blended Predictive Dialer software. It automatically moves outbound agents to inbound queues when call volumes increase, and back to outbound when inbound service levels are met. There’s no time-consuming screen switching or need to access different systems, because agents use the same hosted dialer interface for all calls.

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  • SLA based Inbound-to-Outbound and Outbound-to-Inbound blending

    When you don’t have enough inbound agents to keep up with demand, your outbound agents will automatically be moved to handle inbound calls. Once inbound service level goals are met, agents with the highest outbound proficiency are automatically shifted back to handle outbound calls. This maintains a high level of agent productivity, and gives callers a positive experience all achieved through our cloud dialer software.

  • Predictive Dialer options: Progressive, predictive, preview and message lay-down dialing

    We offer various types of dialing to best meet your business needs. With our auto dialer system, you maximize agent productivity by placing multiple calls per agent. The dialing pace is carefully balanced by considering the number of agents, list characteristics and legal regulations. Progressive dialing is particularly good for business to business campaigns and offers great agent productivity without the risk of abandoning. Preview dialing combines automated dialing benefits with the chance for agent to preview contact information before accepting or declining the call. Message lay-down campaigns are agentless campaigns that dial contacts and leave automated messages.

  • Call Center Predictive Dialer complies with government regulations

    Regulatory compliance is an afterthought for many vendors. For us, it’s the core principle for our dialer software. There’s no need for supervisors to micro-manage to get better team performance while adhering to regulations – our predictive dialing software automatically takes care of it for you.

  • Intelligent call suppression

    Support government regulations with intelligent call suppression. This feature intercepts dial requests and verifies if individuals or businesses being called are on a tailored suppression list. If a match is found, dialing is suspended, and the cloud dialer moves on to the next record.

  • Agent scripting available

    Use agent scripting to build custom screens or scripts. Here are a few examples of cool things you can do with scripting: limit the number of programs agents toggle through to take a call, create decision trees that step agents through processes you’ve designed, or create custom style sheets to change the look and feel of your system through one predictive dialer software system.

  • Get multi-number dialing with our Hosted Predictive Dialer Technology

    Configure up to 10 phone numbers for each contact and define custom retry options for each number. Our hosted predictive dialer software lets you personalize your customers’ experience.

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