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Overview Voice as a Service (VaaS) - Network Connectivity

  • Single vendor relationship
  • Reduced connectivity charges and per-minute costs
  • End-to-end network security and monitoring
  • Toll-free numbers at a competitive price

You might not know that we started out as a telecommunications company many years ago, but our foundation was built on Voice as a Service. We've evolved to focus on contact center solutions, but we’re still experts in the telecom space. We can be your data and voice provider, advise you on how to best solve thorny telecom issues, and serve as your call center’s one-stop shop for network connectivity and software needs.

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  • Single vendor relationship

    We combine the best contact center solution with our deep experience in telecommunications. That means you have only have one vendor to deal with for your software, phone, and data communications. You get one bill and one number to call for service and support.

  • Reduced connectivity charges and per-minute costs

    Because we own our own telecom network, many of our customers find that they can save money by using inContact for their telecom needs.

  • We’re a carrier so we provide toll-free numbers at a competitive price

    We’re a carrier ourselves. Because of that, we can source toll-free phone numbers at a competitive price. And because of our relationship with other telecommunication carriers, we can often get toll-free numbers that might be tough to find elsewhere.

  • End-to-end network security and monitoring

    In addition to our world-class contact center platform, we have a carrier-grade telecom infrastructure that we manage, monitor, and maintain. You get one company that monitors the health of your solution end-to-end. Other contact center providers can’t provide that type of monitoring, even if they arrange telecom services for you. In those cases, a third party is actually monitoring the network and connection. No other company on the globe develops their core platform in-house and provides network connectivity – only inContact. Because of this distinction, we’re the only company who can monitor your contact center’s full solution, software and telecom, end-to-end. And we do it 24/7/365 with our own employees.

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