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Business messaging: a whole new way to interact with your customers

Use Apple Business Chat to connect with customers and improve customer experiences, increase agent efficiency and boost revenue. With CXone, your customers can use their preferred device to access the full range of Apple Business Chat features when they interact with your contact center. Attract and acquire new customers and deliver meaningful interactions that enrich ongoing relationships and foster loyalty. With a consolidated agent interface, handling Apple Business Chat interactions is quick and easy. With Apple Business Chat, your customers have access to your contact center wherever they are.
Simplify how customers reach you to a single tap.
Improve CX by offering a choice of channels.
Unify the interface, just add Apple Business Chat to make agents more effective and efficient.
Reduce management effort with a consolidated platform.
CXone Apple Business Chat channel
Consistent agent experience to deliver effortless cross-channel experiences
Empower agents with an intuitive, feature-rich interface for handling Apple Business Chat together with other digital interactions.
  • Reduce agent effort and training needs with a consolidated interface and consistent controls for all digital channels
  • Help agents focus on customer needsnot on navigating systems and screenswith a single interface that handles all voice and digital channels
  • Enable agents to handle interactions better and faster with immediate access to customer data and interaction history
  • Enrich your CRM data with bi-directional integration
Enterprise-grade messaging platform built for business use
Interact with your customers on a messaging platform that was created with business interactions in mind.
  • Connect with your customers using Apple Business Chat, a messaging platform built for business interactions
  • Build loyalty and trust by letting  your customers decide how to reach out, and what and when to share with you
  • Make interactions with your company using Apple Business Chat as easy for your customers as texting their friends
Quick and easy connections regardless of device
Let customers connect with you using Apple Business Chat on any iOS device:  iPhone, iPad, MAC or Apple watch.
  • Enable customers to reach out to you using any iOS device
  • Make it easy for your customers to reach you where it comes naturally to start a conversation, for example maps, Safari or search results
  • Offer a mobile app or enable messaging from your website
  • Provide one-click access to live agents when additional help is needed
Rich customer experience with omnichannel support including Apple Business Chat
Access a whole lineup of business-oriented features and provide unified, cross-channel support to reduce customer effort and improve CX.
  • Add Apple Business Chat to your existing contact center platform to capture a new customer segment without adding complexity
  • When interactions get too complicated for messaging, empower your agents to switch to or add another interaction channel
  • Simplify scheduling appointments, processing purchases and making payments using pre-built Apple Business Chat features