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Overview Personal Connection™ Outbound Solution

  • Customers never silently wait for an agent to answer
  • Higher agent productivity with predictive dialing
  • Maintain compliance with government regulations
  • Customize calling campaigns
  • Intelligent Call Suppression
  • Proactive XS synchronizes external systems

With Personal Connection™, your customers will never hear a delay again. This outbound solution eliminates awkward delays when greeting a caller while increasing productivity as agents make multiple predictive calls. Agents are connected at the first hello, which paves the way to better outcomes, higher conversion rates, and increased revenues.

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  • Customers never silently wait for an agent to start the call

    Personal Connection’s patented technology eliminates legacy dialers’ awkward delays in greeting the caller. Since your agent is connected before the customer answers, the telltale pause and delayed hello are a thing of the past, which helps start the call off positively. Agents can have more productive conversations with customers which translates directly into higher contact center revenues.

  • Higher agent productivity with predictive dialing

    Personal Connection maximizes agent efficiency and minimizes abandons through our patented pacing algorithm. Agents can make multiple predictive calls which means better list penetration and dramatically improved productivity.

  • Maintain compliance with government regulations

    Regulatory compliance is an afterthought for many vendors. For us, it’s the core principle for Personal Connection. Do Not Call List Management and Intelligent Call Suppression disposition records found in the suppression database. There’s no need for supervisors to micro-manage to get better team performance while adhering to regulations – Personal Connection automatically takes care of it for you.

  • Intelligent call suppression

    Support government regulations with real-time dialing list adjustments based on customer actions such as Do Not Call Requests or payment actions taken, thereby avoiding unnecessary and unwelcome dials. Intelligent Call Suppression reviews the number being queued up for dialing to see if it is located in the suppression database. If the record is found, the call is dispositioned as being suppressed and the dialer moves on to the next record.

  • Proactive XS synchronizes external systems

    Proactive XS lets you synchronize external systems easily and in a highly-customized format, all without the need for expensive development. Connecting to almost any data source is supported, including in-house built CRMs and popular CRMs. For instance, you can setup Proactive XS to “check out” records from, use them for outbound dialing with Personal Connection, update the record based on the call’s outcome, and then “check it back in” again to Salesforce.

  • Agent scripting

    Use agent scripting to build custom screens or scripts. Here are a few examples of cool things you can do with scripting: limit the number of programs agents toggle through to take a call, create decision trees that step agents through processes you’ve designed, or create custom style sheets to change the look and feel of your system.

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