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Overview Power Dialer Software

  • Increased Talk Time = More Productive Agents
  • Simplified List and Campaign Management
  • Adherence to Regulatory Requirements
  • Avoid Unnecessary Calls with Intelligent Call Suppression
  • Higher Contact Center Revenues

Traditional legacy predictive dialers help agents be more productive, but at the expense of the customer’s time and satisfaction. inContact’s game-changing Personal Connection™ dialer solution supports all the choices for your outbound campaign including no-pause predictive dialer, progressive dialer, preview dialer, power dialer, or agentless. If you choose Personal Connection’s predictive dialer capabilities, you’ll get the benefit of our patented technology that prevents your customers from hearing a delay before they’re connected with an agent. The result is a happier start to conversations and higher connect rates.

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  • Progressive Dialer Software

    Progressive dialers make one call for each agent. Progressive dialer software is great for boosting agent productivity without the risk of increasing abandonment rates by making too many calls that the agent can't respond to.

  • Preview Dialer Software

    Preview dialers combine automated dialing benefits with the ability for agents to preview contact information before accepting or declining the call. Preview dialing software helps agents customize the call to the individual they’re calling. If you conduct business-to-business campaigns, you’ll find it’s particularly well-suited for your needs.

  • Power Dialer

    Power dialers are another type of progressive dialer that automatically calls the next number in the list immediately after an agent disconnects from a call. Power dialer software helps maximize agent productivity and efficiency.

  • Message Lay-Down

    Message Lay-Down dialing is an agentless campaign that dials contacts and leaves automated messages (also known as “robocalling”). You can use it with or without the option to transfer to a live agent.

  • Dialer Integration Solutions

    Personal Connection integrates with other systems, like your CRM. This gives agents quick access to useful information about customers and prospects, such as their purchase history, that goes beyond the basic information in a dialing record. This results in more positive call outcomes and higher satisfaction rates.

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