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CXone Workforce Engagement

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Move to the cloud but keep one foot on the ground
Companies with traditional on-premises telephony systems from leading ACD providers can take their first step toward the cloud while leveraging their current on-premises PBX or ACD investment with NICE inContact CXone Workforce Engagement (WEM). Start your cloud journey with Workforce Engagement and rest easy knowing you have a clear path to a full contact center cloud transformation when you’re ready. CXone Workforce Engagement unlocks the potential of your team by inspiring employees' self-improvement, amplifying quality management efforts to enhance the customer experience, and reducing labor waste. Our patented technology provides the industry's most accurate forecasts, helps foster employee ownership & accountability, and integrates seamlessly with your existing on-premise ACD or PBX.

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Improve customer experience
Understand the true experience your customers receive and automate measurable quality improvement plans


Achieve your NPS, CSAT, CES and other key quality objectives


Increase customer retention by detecting dissatisfaction


Transform your contact center into an experience center


Improve customer loyalty by turning around bad experiences
Workforce Enagement
Increase agent engagement and retention
Happy agents create happy customers. Empowering and helping your agents perform better will improve the customer experience and increase agent job satisfaction


Increase personal ownership of your agents


Decrease supervisor workload while improving agent performance


Improve agent engagement and reduce attrition


Deliver better experiences for your agents
Analytics customer interaction
Achieve service levels at lower cost
Quickly pinpoint efficiency opportunities and easily implement repeatable solutions


Optimize headcount requirements to achieve service level objectives


Minimize administrator effort to generate an accurate forecast


Gain full understanding of root cause and pain points within the customer journey


Lower repeat call volume by continuously identifying and resolving process issues
Workforce optimization
Protect and leverage existing investments
Seamlessly integrate WEM in the cloud with on-premises PBX and ACD solutions, providing a flexible journey to the cloud.


Maximize existing on-premises investments while gaining benefits of the cloud.


Deliver continuous updates with industry-leading features.


Expedite time to benefits with rapid deployment in days instead of months, and minimize ongoing IT support costs.
Our patented technology
  • Provides the industry's most accurate forecasts
  • Helps you foster a greater sense of employee ownership and accountability
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing on-prem solution
CXone WEM for On-premises Contact Centers