Power your quality management with analytics.
Keep agents engaged and on-message
Ensure agents feel vested in the quality management (QM) process and follow customer engagement standards.
Find the needle in the haystack
Increase precision and evaluate the right interactions the first time using incorporated analytics.
Get a deeper understanding

Improve quality by unlocking the sentiment and meaning behind every interaction.
Personalize feedback

Engage agents with meaningful, targeted feedback and create “aha” moments with self-evaluations.
Keep customers coming back

Customers know they are “being recorded for quality purposes.” Prove it with a better experience.
Transform idle time into training time
Reclaim lost time in between interactions for agent training with access to all QM capabilities via their unified agent interface.

Designed for quality. Built for simplicity.

NICE CXone Quality Management Analytics helps you deliver better omnichannel customer experiences by enabling more targeted agent feedback. It uses automatic, granular analysis and categorization to pinpoint the right interactions to evaluate to uncover trends, so agents stay on message and customers stay happy.

As a unified component of the CXone platform, Quality Management Analytics makes quality easy by, delivering sophisticated analytical capabilities without an army of experts.
Call center quality management - improved.
Take your QM program to the next level. Couple analytics with customizable evaluation forms, screen recording, and native coaching and you have a recipe for more loyal customers and engaged agents.
man with laptop
“Agent engagement has increased dramatically with CXone Quality Management Analytics. It all contributes to buy-in; agents are part of their own success.”
Brandon Wade
Telecommunications Manager RentPath
Everything you need to measure quality. Plus a lot more.
Analytics and quality – out of the box
Don’t waste time combing through calls. Apply out-of-the-box categories and sentiment to your Quality Plans to automatically handpick the most relevant and valuable interactions to score.
Create a quality program that agents believe in
Engage agents with balanced feedback across good and bad interactions. And give them a voice with automated disputes, and self-evaluations.
Start evaluating quickly

Make implementation and onboarding hassle-free with unified user setup across all applications, drag-and-drop Form Creator and comprehensive Quality Planner.
Take action on your findings

Spot performance issues and drill-in to identify the action needed with unified dashboards and BI reports. Then provide agents with custom coaching to improve their behaviors.
Transform idle time into training time
Reclaim lost time for agent development with bite-sized learning activities via unified agent access to evaluations and coaching packages.
Make digital a quality focus

Evaluate digital interactions– because your customers expect a great, consistent experience across ALL your channels.
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