Turn up the volume. Turn down the costs.

Manage fluctuating inbound, outbound, sales, service, and omnichannel interactions – and do it affordably.
Greater scalability
Efficiently scale, so you can manage call volume and shift agents to new channels.
Cost efficient
Only pay for the services you need. No capital investments. No expensive hardware systems.
Easy set up
Avoid time-intensive set-ups that premise-based systems require because we’re on the cloud.
Simple integration
Easily integrate CXone with your existing phone, PBX, and customer CRM solutions.
Proactive outbound calling
Have them at hello with outbound solutions that increases conversion rates and satisfaction.
Help your customers connect with their customers.
CXone makes it fast and easy to deploy contact center infrastructure for your customers.
Helping healthcare providers deliver better service.
"The business impact for both Webhelp and our client assignments is profound. With a unified cloud installation, we get one seamless and scalable operation with market leading performance management and reporting."

- Per Valvik, CIO/CTO Webhelp Nordic