Contact Center Management

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Operating an efficient, high performance contact center has never been easier with our products that focus on contact center management. From accurately forecasting workloads to monitoring agents’ performance and tracking key metrics with real-time reporting, we help you deliver an outstanding customer experience.
Easily Manage
Easily manage agent and customer interactions
Increase Efficiencies
Increase efficiencies and contact center productivity
Deliver outstanding customer experiences
Improve agents’ performance with coaching and training
Track critical metrics for smart contact center management
Manage your contact center from anywhere
Automate and optimize contact center scheduling
Since staffing can account for up to 70 percent of your costs, it’s important to schedule and manage employees effectively. With inContact Workforce Management, align your team’s skills and proficiencies with your objectives to create schedules that optimize everyone’s preferences and needs. Employees are happy, scheduling is easier, and everyone wins with contact center management.
Enhance agents’ efficiency and performance with call center management
Targeting areas where your agents need improvement can be a time-consuming task. With inContact Quality Management, you can capture and easily review their customer interactions. By monitoring their performance, you can give helpful feedback and deliver training targeted to agents’ greatest areas of need. You can also link coaching to customized scorecards and eLearning assignments.
Track and analyze critical contact center metrics
To understand your call center’s performance, you need regular reports and the ability to quickly analyze data in order to pinpoint areas of over- and under-performance. Use CXone Reporting and Analytics to track over 100 industry metrics. With historical analytics, you can benchmark important trends and pinpoint areas that need additional attention. Use customizable dashboards to quickly track real-time data so you can take immediate action.
Manage your contact center from anywhere
With the Supervisor interface, you can manage your busy contact center from any location using your iPad. Stay involved by monitoring and identifying issues, even when you’re away from the office, with our mobile application. You’ll get real-time reporting to monitor queues and SLA adherence. You can also quickly take action, such as managing queues and assigning agents, with the swipe of a finger.

What Our Customers Say

“Having our entire call center on the CXone platform has made it so much easier to run our care operations, which has led to improved member satisfaction and cost savings.”


Gherman Duckworth
Senior Manager-Workforce