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If you want to accelerate profitability and growth, improving customer service may help. Customer service is key to building brand equity and brand equity is key for achieving profitability and growth. Therefore, a business can often achieve greater success by offering superior service.

Many customer service functions are handled by a customer service center -- sometimes referred to as the call center or contact center. Here, specially trained employees use specialized tools to deliver services. However, if employees use outdated tools then customer service can suffer. As a result, moving from an older call center to a modern contact center may be the easiest way to give agents the tools they need to deliver great service.

If you need to modernize an older call center, consider the following:

  • Examine the breadth and depth of available customer service capabilities
  • Look for an “all-in-one” customer service contact center where applications are built, integrated and supported by a single provider
  • Use trusted, independent sources to verify a provider’s leadership and ability to deliver
How NICE inContact Can Help
Because the primary purpose of customer service teams is to provide exceptional services, they require specialized software including:
Omnichannel ACD
A service center must make it easy and convenient for a customer to get help. Digital interaction channels and Omnichannel ACD software take customer requests originating from voice, email, chat, social, and other channels and use rules, and even artificial intelligence (AI), to connect a customer to the best customer service employee.
CRM Integration
Customer service agents require quick access to customer history data. CRM integration software creates a seamless link between a customer relationship management (CRM) systems and the call center to give agents easy access to customer data while also providing agents one integrated workspace.
Quality Management
Service centers require highly skilled agents trained in etiquette as well as subject matter expertise. Quality management software helps managers identify training needs and provides a solution for delivering training and coaching.
Workforce Management
Service centers must always have agents available whenever they are needed. Workforce Management software can be used to forecast contact center workload and help mangers create and manage employee work schedules. It can even be used by agents to empower them to self-manage shift trades or picking up more work hours.
Performance Reporting and Analytics
Service centers require constant monitoring to ensure peak results. Therefore, managers need comprehensive reporting in order to identify performance gaps, make changes, and measure improvements.
Artificial Intelligence
Since customers are placing more demands on service centers, AI software can help managers meet those demands. AI chatbots can be used to improve customer self-service options; AI profiling can better match a customer to an agent; and AI process automation can speed access to information or complete after call work.
CX Maturity Model Assessment
Research indicates that 89% of companies expect to compete largely on customer experience, and another 62% view customer experience as a competitive differentiator. Use this interactive tool to measure your contact center CX maturity. By using this tool, you can improve CX by identifying and making the most impactful changes to your people, processes and technologies.
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