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Building loyalty, meeting high service expectations, and differentiating products and services from competitors are common challenges that organizations in the financial services industry face. Whether you are a bank, credit union, brokerage firm or offer other financial assistance, NICE inContact can help you build greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Pair up the right agent with your highest value caller, offer more choice and convenience in communication and account management, and deliver consistent service across all channels, site locations or branches.
Provide best-in-class customer experience
Drive revenue and enable cross-sell to customers
Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency
Highest level of disaster recovery available
Integrate with CRMs and core banking systems
Support interactions via Social Media and multi-channel sources
Out-of-the-Box and Custom Integrations
By integrating your NICE inContact contact center solution with your organization’s CRM and core banking system, you’ll give your agents in-depth information about each customer including their purchase history, previous touch points, and possible up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Having this information quickly accessible from one application makes it easy for agents to target customers for additional products and services during outbound call campaigns.
Outbound Calling Campaigns
NICE inContact’s Personal Connection outbound solution has a revolutionary, patented approach to predictive dialing that engages customers right from the first hello. Legacy predictive dialing technology subjects the person being called to an awkward pause between when they say ‘hello’ and when the call is actually connected to an agent. With Personal Connection, customers never wait for an agent to answer which increases conversion rates and immediately starts calls on a positive note.
Attractive Billing Model
By using a cloud contact center solution, you’ll eliminate the huge capital outlays of traditional premise systems, because you won’t need to purchase or maintain hardware. With the cloud, you’ll pay as you go and only for what you use. This shifts expenses from capital expenditures (CAPEX) to more predictable operating expenditures (OPEX).
Flexibility and Scalability
The cloud also makes it easier to manage call volumes by quickly scaling up or down to meet demand. You can shift agents to other channels if needed to seamlessly handle spikes in call volumes. During media campaigns, when call volumes spike, you can easily handle the volume without going through major capital investments.
AI Roadmap Builder
Research shows that 64% of contact center leaders are planning to increase their investment in AI call center software. However, deciding when and where to use AI depends on your business and contact center strategy. Use this interactive tool to determine where AI may yield the most immediate benefits for your contact center.
Client Testimonials
"NICE inContact saves us time, allowing us to invest more energy into improving our operations and finding better ways to use our survey data."
Jason Markovich, Commerce Bank